Monday, January 23, 2012

What's Lebanon like?

Lebanon is a very beautiful historical and religious country and it has so meany beautiful landscapes. There are some famous places you can visit with your family and friends. 

First in the capital Beirut visit Al Hamra Street. It's an unusual street with nice buildings and a very big and beautiful mosque, but it's a very expensive street. You can visit the American University, then you can visit Jaata cave. It's the most famous place in Lebanon and it's a candidate to be one of the wonders of the world. And if you are interested in philosophy and art you should visit the home town Bchara of the philosopher and artist Jobran Kaleel Jobran. But if you're looking for excitement you can drive an all terrain vehicle (ATV) up the mountain and go jet skiing. You can visit the monuments of Baalbak. The people there are so friendly and welcoming.

The most special thing about Lebanon's  weather is that it's hot enough in the summer but cold in the winter, so you can do summer activities. Also you can do winter activities. So in the summer it's as amazing as in the winter.

About the food: The traditional dishes are so delicious and the national dishes are available. 

So I hope you have a great time in Lebanon!

Raghed S. P.
Pre-Intermediate B

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