Monday, January 23, 2012

Some thoughts...

  • I'm very stressed because I've got too many responsibilities.
  • I'm confused because I have to do many things but I haven't got enough time.
  • I'm worried about my country these days because there are too many problems which need urgent solutions.
  • I feel depressed and I have to go on holiday to change my mood but I haven't got enough money.
  • I'm worried about my future because nothing is clear yet and I can't continue my career or my pursuit of my objective in life.
  • Finally, I'm tired of thinking about my future because there are too many changes taking place which I can't control and making my life upside down.
Rabie Mostafa
Pre-Intermediate B

1 comment:

Mrs Debby said...

You've made good use of the vocabulary we've studied so far.

Everything happens for a reason, even bad things, so be patient and God will send you down the path of your destiny.