Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dear Norah and Sarah

Dear Norah and Sarah,

Thank you for your letter. I'm so happy that you will visit me in Tripoli. I hope that you will enjoy the trip. I shall meet you in the airport and I will pick you up. You can stay in any hotel, but you are most welcome to stay in my house. You can rent a car, but you don't have to. You can use my car and go anywhere you want. 

I will show you around Tripoli. We can visit the old castle, I'm sure that you will like it because it's interesting and you ccan visit Bab Alazeza to see Gadaffi's house, who was the worst dictator. We will also rent a four wheel motorbike to go to the desert. When you get here we will see many other different places.

See you soon. Good bye.

Tasneem Elgabroun
Elementary B

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