Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Question Time

A farmer and his hired help were carrying grain to the barn. The farmer carried one sack of grain and the hired help carried two sacks. Who carried the heavier load and why?

Do you know the answer? Tell your teacher next time you go to class.
You will earn a gold star!

Here's the answer!

How many letters are in the alphabet?

If you said 26 you are wrong!
There are 11 letters in "THE ALPHABET".

Gabraoun Lakes, Libya

Five Dislikes

Infidelity: Treason in general is bad behaviour, especially if it occurs between two persons who are joined together by a sacred bond like marriage. Breach of trust is another kind of treason.

Cowardliness: It is a shameful character in any person. A cowardly person has a complicated personality and he cannot communicate with other people and mostly does not trust anyone. His opinion about a brave people is that he thinks they are crazy men.

Lying and Liars: Those people resort to lying to cover defects in their personality or to get material benefit. They try to suppress the truth as they think that it is a way for salvation.

Bribe: It is an abdominal deed. Our prophet Mohamed said, “Both bribee and one who receives the bribe are in hell.” It is one of the important factors that lead to destroying any modern society.

Cruelty: I think some people have a hard life and to deal or talk to them rudely is not acceptable under any circumstances. Some people think that a nice word is a kind of charity and has a charming effect on some people.

Khalid Mohamed
Ielts foundation

Six Things I Dislike

Disloyalty & Treachery
It is not a problem to find a friend, but the problem to find a sincere one. So I believe in a wise saying “An open enemy is better than a false friend”.

Traffic Jams
I think they are a waste of time, money and cause problems between people.

Humid Climate
I don’t like humidity, because it makes me nervous and unable to concentrate especially during August and September in Libya.

Night Duties
I hate them, because of two reasons. The first one, if they are quiet, I cannot sleep on any other bed than my own at home. The second reason, if they are busy, I will be so tired and confused.

Loss of Social Control
People who misunderstand civilization and modernization, especially the new generation.

It is unpleasant to talk about other people and their private lives.

Dr. Ahmed Nagi Elwaseh
Ielts foundation

My Teacher “Salah Ben Shaban” and I

We get up early on weekdays.
We don’t play tennis.
I smoke, but my teacher doesn’t.
We don’t drink wine.
I don’t like Chinese food, but he does.
We don’t watch TV a lot.
We don’t have a big breakfast.
I have a computer, but he has not.

Beginner 1


I hate the journeys that I do at the end of each week to and from Tripoli to my hometown. It is ghastly – especially getting up before dawn to catch that 6:30 bus, it is unbearable and awful waste of time.

I’m not a punctual man, but at least I usually come on time, and never lat more than half an hour. I get very nervous and upset when I stay waiting for someone who is supposed to have an important business meeting with me. I can’t help shouting when I hear him giving stupid excuses.

I really dislike the hot sandy storm weather during summer. It gets so hot and dry, I can’t sleep.

I loathe the hard work that everyone has to do during examinations. Just imagine staying indoors for several days, obliged to read long lists of books; some of them are horrible and boring.

What is called a frightening movie, when in fact it is some sort of drab film which makes me nauseated, drowsy and not in the least scared.

I can’t stand someone smoking beside me. This is worse when I am asleep. The smoke of the cigarettes irritates me very much to the extent of feeling that my brain is moving on a vicious circuit.

Khalid Afet
Ielts foundation

Submitted to the teacher instead of his homework!

Tuhami Mohamed
FCE preparation

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Question Time!

How many letters are in the alphabet?

Do you know the answer? Tell your teacher next time you go to class.
You will earn a gold star!

Here's the answer!

The answer to the question:

What do London and E have in common?

They are both capitals.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

The grossest thing I have ever seen

I wish to start this essay with a thought of one Russian author – Anton Chelov, who said that he has seen many people dressed perfectly, beautiful and handsome, with nice gentle manners, clean and tidy. But if you look into their soul you would be horrified of their inner ugliness.

I agree with this and I don’t take into account the appearance of things. The time is passing and the things are changing.

The grossest thing I’ve ever seen is human cruelty. I think in our genetic program there is something wrong and we differ from other alive creatures, not with something very bad and grotesque. Only humans might be so cruel and kill for pleasure.

Recently I’ve seen a film about Jesus Christ. I never knew before that he was killed by such cruelty and brutality. I was shocked that the man who tried to evoke humans love has died in such suffering.

As a human and as a Christian, I feel shame that this has ever happened and I think that this is the grossest thing that I’ve ever seen.

Sue Dyakova
FCE preparation

Invention for Alea

My invention for you Mrs. Guhman is a new updated time machine which I have found the most suitable invention for you.

As we know our teacher ‘Alea’, she is the most active business woman and teacher we have ever seen around the world. She always needs to travel everywhere, every second of the day. So like this VIP person she is, she has no time to waste.

About the machine, it’s easy to work and all you need is to write the name of the place you want to travel, then press the ‘forward button’ on the right. If you want to go back press the ‘back button’ on the left without need of passport, visa, etc.

My lovely teacher this machine will prevent you wasting your time and efforts especially that done by your lovely husband, Mr. Abduz who is responsible for carrying you everywhere. She needs to travel to the High Academy at midday, to Yethreb School at 3:00 pm back home at 11:00 pm. As she said ‘Abduz’ is also responsible for all the house and kitchen work everyday.

Finally, I am sorry if I have entered your private life without permission my lovely teacher.

FCE preparation

Niragongo Volcano

Niragongo Volcano

The grossest thing that I have ever seen was a volcano in central Africa, which is in Zaire near the border with Rwanda. It is located about ten kilometers almost to Lake Kivu. It is called by the odd Africans name – Niragongo. The volcano is still active, since an unforgettable time. Periodically, it explodes gases and erupts with volcanic ash. The volcano is approximately 4000 meters in height and covers about 30,000 square metres of land.

The life is flourishing there because of the tropical climate in this country which is near the equator. There are many kinds of birds and different animals. Nevertheless, there are no signs of plants or life as far as from 6 to 10 kilometres around the volcano.

The volcano alone seemed to me like a huge lump over the amazed earth with rich revelations of life. The streams of burning hot lava from the broken-out crater were destroying and killing on their way down to the lake where the lava and water met in an incredible splash of the elements.

I was under the great impression from the sight of all that I have ever seen in my life. The walk was performed up to the summit of the volcano. This task took about ten hours. I will never forget how I watched into the depth of the crater where there was burning and boiling lava.

IELTS preparation

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Classmates! Time for jokes . . .

At 3:15 the teacher began her class. One student came late.
Teacher: You’re late again, where’s the excuse letter?
Student: Oh Teacher, it was the new sign outside the playground in the street. I would have been on time but it says, School – go slow so I had to stop running.


What was it that Queen Mary had before, and King William had behind, and Queen Anne didn’t have at all?
“The letter M.“


Sign on a dental surgery:
(from Feraz and Ali)
‘Be true to your teeth or they will be false to you.’


  • What is the difference between:

    a bottle of medicine and a doormat?
    One is shaken up, and the other is taken up and shaken.

    a hungry boy and a greedy boy?
    Hungry boy longs to eat.
    Greedy boy, eats too long.


Husband: I’ve insured my life for 2 million dollars, honey.
Wife: I’m so glad. Now you needn’t be so careful.


“Can February march?”
“No!! But April may.”

Laughter is the best medicine.

Jokes and fun from,

FCE preparation

Monday, March 21, 2005

An Invention

I want to invent for Mrs Alea a HOMEWORK-CHECKING machine.

I decided that in one of her lessons when the teacher (Mrs Alea) was complaining of all those mountains of homework, which she has to check for one or two days and furthermore she also has to cook for her husband, keep the house clean and what else! So, in my opinion, this machine is exactly what she needs.

The point is not to make it too complicated, because it will take her many hours to deal with it.
Anyway, I still can't see the necessity of this machine, because most of the students are not very strict in their homework and often forget to do it.

Nevertheless, this is my invention for my teacher - Mrs Alea, and I hope she'll like it.
FCE preparation

Recipe of Friendship

1 cup of sharing
2 cups or caring
3 cups of forgiveness
4 cups of hugs

Mix all of these together.
They make friends forever.

From Mrs Alea

Mrs Alea

My students

Students are angels
That come from above.
Sent by God for me to teach and love.
So when you are lonely, sad and blue.
Remember I'll always be there
in the classroom for you.

Life can be hard and not always fun
But as night brings dark, morning brings sun
When life gets tough and no one seems to care
Give me a call because I'll always be there (Yethreb School)

From Mrs Alea

Mathematics + Teachers = Student

Stars have 5 ends
Squares have 4 ends
Triangles have 3 ends
Lines have 2 ends
Life has 1 end
But I hope our friendship has no end.

From Mrs Alea

A day in the life of Katia - Star Academy

She is a good student because she's works everyday. In the morning after breakfast she goes to play sports with her friends. After this, she starts studying again and she goes to have lunch then she goes dancing at thans and she goes to bed.

Beginner 1

Ain Zarah, Libya

A day in the life of Omar Hasan Albasheer

He is from Sudan, he is president of Republic of Sudan. He gets up at six o'clock, he has breakfast at half past six, then he goes to his work. He is very active.

He does his work from eight o'clock to one o'clock in the afternoon and from six o'clock to ten o'clock in the evening.

He starts his work at eight o'clock in the morning. He has a nice family, he gets home at quarter past ten. He is a good man.

Osama M.
Beginner 1

A day in the life of Hesham - Star Academy

He gets up at eight o'clock.
He goes to the theatre at ten o'clock.
He likes hamburgers.
He is from Saudi Arabia.
He likes music.
He wants to be a famous singer.

Khulud Mohamed
Beginner 1

Star Academy is very popular with many of our students.

A day in the life of Salma - Star Academy

She gets up in the morning at 8 o'clock and plays sports until 9 o'clock and eats breakfast and takes a shower and studies music and singing. She is a good friend. She has a big heart.

Beginner 1

Football is a big game in the world

I like it and my team is Manchester United. It's my favourite team - and my best player is Cool. Another team is Real Madrid in Spain. It's a big team in Spain.

Andy Cool is a good man. He wakes up at 9 o'clock in the morning and in the afternoon he takes a break for lunch and after that takes his job in the club. To conclude, I like that team and all the players.

Visitor to our Beginner 1 class from Sousa


A day in the life of Alisandro del Pero

Alisandro del Pero is a footballer in the Italian team. He carries number ten on his T-shirt. He gets up at eight o'clock. He has a shower. He has breakfast and drink a cup of milk, then he puts on his uniform for Juve team. He is an official player in the Italian team. He goes to Juve club for training to get ready for a match against Real Madrid team or another team. He leaves the club at six o'clock.

Osama Aborawi
Beginner 1

A day in the life of a footballer

He gets up at seven o'clock.
He has breakfast at half past seven, he eats a good breakfast, he has crunchy flakes and milk.
He goes to train from nine o'clock to one o'clock.
He gets home and he has lunch at half past one.
He takes a nap from two o'clock to four.
After that he goes to the stadium with his team because they play an important match.

Abdu Elrahman El-Hola
Beginner 1

Sunday, March 20, 2005

A day in the life of a very, very rich person

Last week there was a magazine issue in the USA, I don't remember it's name now. It was about ten people, all of them very rich, for example, the manager of Microsoft Company and Michael Jackson.

A very, very rich person lives like this. He gets up at half past seven in the morning. After that he goes to his office. He reads a notebook and lists the times of meetings. He starts the meeting with other companies and people at ten o'clock. He often has coffee and smokes a lot.

At two o'clock he goes to have lunch in the restaurant in his company. He has a break. He is back to work at half past three in the afternoon. He finishes work at five o'clock. In the evening, in his free time he plays golf and sometimes goes to horse races. He has a big farm and a few cars.

Ali M Nasfe
Beginner 1

An Invention

I want to invent a special suit which is very comfortable and you can use it anytime you want. It has a motor which hangs on your back with a special button. When you press the button, you can fly from Tajoura to Tripoli. Also you can fly to anyplace you wish. This special suit can be put in a bag with your textbooks and copybooks. There is a pocket for pens and for one cup of coffee. It needs only fuel, about 20 litres a day.

It is very useful engine, which keeps you satisfied and happy all the time and keeps your textbooks handy too!

FCE preparation

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Libya My Home

East or West - Home is best.

The British Airways magazine, 'High Life', published a 9 page feature on Libya emphasizing that this country is a haven of beauty where 'strangers quickly become acquaintances'. The beauty from the imperial splendor of Leptis Magna and Sabratha, the Roman cities on the Mediterranean coast, the ancient labyrinthine oasis of Ghadames and the sun-scorched wastes of the Sahara are unbelievable sights.

Think again, Libya is, in fact, the unspoilt haven of North Africa, It's total area is 1,759,540 square kilometres and it's population is about 5.5 million. Arabic is the official language of Libya, and some people also speak English or Italian. The country lies on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This is also where the country's capital, Tripoli is. It's neighbouring countries are Egypt and Sudan in the east, Chad and Niger in the south, and free from the maddening tourist crowds that throng to the beach resorts of neighbouring Tunisia in the west.

Please come and visit and experience the Libyan hospitality for yourselves.

FCE preparation


The Best

The most famous Libyan hero 'Omar Almukhtar'

Omar Almukhtar used to be a very brave person and whatever we say about him, we are saying nothing. Everybody knows what he has done to the Italian forces a long time ago when they came to our country 'Libya' and wanted to control everything. He had a very strong personality and was never afraid of whatever they were trying to do against our grandfathers. He was ready all the time for them and bear them.
They used to stay over night in the Green Mountains and followed the Italian military wherever they went and used to make wonderful traps by digging so many holes and hiding in them till they reached the Italians and suddenly they found themselves in a real disaster. They were defending themselves and both their children and their country and did not allow the Italians to use anything from our country. Omar used to fight with simple weapons compared with those used by the Italians but fortunately they couldn't catch him till he destroyed most of their weapons which were much more modern than our grandfather's weapons. He used to come with a very smart idea about how and where to hide themselves until it became the suitable time for appearing and starting the battle.
Actually we are proud of this person and we won't forget his life will stay forever in our minds and hearts. Also I forgot to tell you that Omar Almukhtar was hung in 1931 in Slook City but till now his relatives are still living in Albida which is in the east of Libya. If you would like to know more about this famous personality you can watch him in a film which is available in shops these days.

The martyrs died so that
others might live.

Zaruk Mohamed Ali

Omar Mukhtar after he was captured by the Italians.

My Invention for Teacher Alea

Being one of the most intelligent person in this school, I will still invent something for you to be more and more helpful to us, my dear teacher Alea.

If only I could, I will invent a tiny device to put it in the temple of you head. This device will help you read the mind of your students only. Then after the class you will know whether they understand the lessons you have given to them or not, in addition you will know in which class or group they belong. I think this invention will help you to find out and figure out how to categorize your students.

Another thing I will invent is a gel or cream to be applied to your hands or palms, then after applying it, just put it on top or cover any book you wanted to read, then after a while you will know and fully understand what is the contents of it. Isn't it very nice and helpful invention for you? How I wish I could do it.

FCE preparation

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

From Scotland to Cornwall, Britain is full of customs and traditions. A lot of them have very long histories. Some are funny and some are strange. But they're all interesting and are all part of the British way of life.
Click on the picture to see the website.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Mr. Salah

Mr Salah and some of his students.

Word of the week - two words this time!

something sweet that you eat after the main part of the meal
- For dessert we had ice-cream and cake.

a large area of very hot dry land where few plants grow
- The Sahara desert is in North Africa.

These two words look almost the same.
You can remember them this way:

dessert has a double S
dessert = something sweet

desert has one S
desert = there's only one S in Sahara

Monday, March 14, 2005

Inventions useful for Mrs. Alea

1. Being very good and professional sometimes carries the risk of becoming overloaded with duties, exhausted and deprived of any private life and entertainment. But if you are a teacher something can be done. My idea is to establish an audio-video system connecting Mrs Alea with several classrooms at the same time and she will be able to spread her knowledge simultaneously to an unlimited number of students. The only problem she might have is with her secretary. She must be very well trained to operate by programme.

2. To avoid any disturbances during lessons and students delays, I thought that a special lock could be invented for the door. The device will be electronic and a timer added. Once the time period is determined nobody will be able to open the door. Even Mrs. Alea herself. The lock will be activated 5 minutes after the time of the lesson and since everybody will know about it, nobody will be late or ask to see Mrs. Alea during her lessons.

3. The main door will be built to not permit any student to enter in the studying area without paying the fee using a card.

FCE preparation

English Facts

No word in the English language rhymes with
month, orange, silver, and purple.

Inventions for Yethreb School

Suggestions to improve Yethreb School and the teachers.

* Since you always forget things - I suggest you use an electronic diary to keep you up to date daily with everything.

* Instead of going out to copy your students exam sheets and worksheets, why not buy a photocopy machine to do it at home, so you can save time.

* Invent a new pen special for the whiteboard which will last for a long time and you can recharge it with an ink tube.

* Whenever you feel exhausted or tired - try to take one energy tablet to give you more energy and better concentration without any effort.

FCE preparation

An invention for the Queen of Tajoura

Mrs. Alea is Queen of Tajoura, and there is no Queen so fat like her. So I will try to invent something to decrease her weight and to make her body like a real Queen. So, I invented drugs that decrease the weight without any side effects on the heart because Mrs Alea has such a sweet heart we don't want to destroy it.

Mrs Alea doesn't have time to do any body exercise to decrease her weight because she always busy, 24 hours, 7 days a week. So my invention is good. She will have a beautiful body without any effort, just like the medicine.

Ferras Aboumeslah
FCE preparation

Tajoura, Libya

New Invention for Mrs. Alea

I will invent a computer software program called "Distance Learning". This software comes with a video camera and internet line. It would be able to broadcast the live tutorial lesson of Mrs. Alea to her students at home via the internet. This means that when the students aren't able to attend her class, she/he will just open the computer and the program and the students just follow the live class of Mrs. Alea via the internet as if he/she is in the classroom. The student can enroll not only living in Libya but even those students living outside Libya can enroll on this "Distance Learning" as long as they have software, computer and internet connection. Then they will all have access to one of the greatest teachers!!!

FCE preparation

New Inventions

An automatic robot controller

The automatic robot controller will be able to organize the movement of cars in the road. Actually this kind of robot has the same brain as a human. Also we could say that he is rather like a human. He has traffic light signals. It shows that he is a precise automatic controller. He can move his hands up, down and right, left automatically.

Ahmed Zaid
FCE preparation

Two Jokes

Teacher: Why are you late?
Student: There was a man who lost twenty dinars.
Teacher: That's nice. Were you helping him look for it?
Student: No. I was standing on it.

Teacher: Did your father help you with your homework?
Student: No, he did it all by himself.

Do you know a good joke? Write it down and give it to your teacher so we can post it for everyone to read.

Here's a nice website with lots of fun listening exercises.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

English Facts

Did you know that over 700 million people, speak English, as a foreign language?

Don't Read This

Hi guys didn't I tell you not to read this. This is just a waste of time. Go ahead do something useful. You are still reading. I think you have nothing to do. Why are you reading just go. Oh why? Stop reading this is nothing. You still want to read this. Hey you are wasting time of others too. Go study you have a lot to do. Oh you are still reading this. This page contains no useful information. Why are you still reading this. I have told you many times to go away and you still want to read this. Now tell me - it took you a full ten minutes reading this text. What did you get from it?


Ahmed Abouleed Ali ZAid
FCE preparation

Tripoli, Libya


Computers are used everywhere in the world nowadays. A computer is a machine that works with a number of electronic circuits. Computers receive information, do a lot of calculations on that information and give results. The information (data) given to the computer is called the input. The handling of the data inside the computer is called processing and the result it gives is called the output. The computer also has a memory or a place where it stores information. Every computer has input devices, a processor and output devices. The input devices accept the information, the processor handles and calculates it and the output devices (the terminal) give you the final result. Computers also have display screens and keyboard.

Computers are very useful in our modern life. They save time and cut routine. They are becoming so simple nowadays that a man with limited education can operate them.

Mohamed Mahmud El Siline
Beginner 2

A Flower in the Dust

She is shining
She is glittering
Whenever she goes
To whomever she meets.
She is flying with her wings,
wings of light, of gold.
And with angles of light shining in her eyes.
Naive eyes and a shy face.
She is beautiful, she is great;
But a flower is even ignored in the dust.
The dust of this town, of this life.
But you will not be cut with a dirty knife.
No one looks at you
The way I do, I admire you!
Because for me, you are not nasty,
you are just a flower in the dust.

Ahmed Abouleed Ali Zaid
FCE preparation

Question Time

What do London and E have in common?

Do you know the answer? Tell your teacher next time you go to class!

Pray to Help This Man

This is a true story:

In the hospital room the man cries for his daughter because she is very sick and near death. The man is very tired from looking after his daughter, but the man isn’t giving up. He stands strong and prays to God, and talks and cries:

'Please God help me.
Please save my daughter.
Please, please help me.'

God hears this man and helps his daughter.

'Thank you, my God for saving my daughter.'

Moftah Ben Omran

Air pollution

Air pollution is a big problem in modern life. Air becomes polluted with gases and fumes from factories and internal combustion engines which burn a lot of fuel everyday. These gases are very dangerous to people’s health. They may breathe the polluted air and become sick. Industrial countries are trying to build cars that run on solar energy or electricity. Big car companies are improving the quality of the engines of the cars they produce. They are trying to make pollution at a minimum level. The governments are forcing the companies to control the gases and pollution caused by their factories. Everybody wants to breathe clean air and use a car that does not pollute the air.

Mohamed Mahmud El Siline
Beginner 2

Friday, March 11, 2005

A tongue twister

Six sick sea-serpents swam the seven seas.
Can you say this quickly ten times?

Jekyll & Hyde

Mrs Alea and Mrs Carolina gave a workshop called 'Jekyll & Hyde in the EFL Classroom' at the ELTEX Conference at the Corinthia Hotel (March 6th 2005). The workshop covered the topic - choosing the right member of staff for your students.

The beginning

The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand.
Frank Herbert (1920 - 1986)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

ALEA . . . Access the Ladder to English Advancement