Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Trip to London

I travelled to the UK two years ago as a tourist. I vivsited London the capital of the UK. The city itself is very beautiful and the center is touristy, especially Picadilly Centre. It is very cosmopolitan so you can buyt anything from different shops of origins and you can eat any kinds of food from multi-cultural orgins, such as Indian restaurants which serve very spicy, hot food.

You can feel you're in your country especially when you go to Edward Road which means Arab Street. There you can smell, eat and drink everything related to our tradition from Turkish, Syrian, Lebanon, Moroccan restaurants. In these restaurants you will be in safe site about what you eat because all of them serve hallal food, which means there isn't any sources of pork. Sometimes you can eat from an English cafe, like healthy delicious sandwiches that consist of basel and tomatoes with cheese and meat. Also you can have very tasty cakes free of gellitin.

In most cases or conditions you will not be confused because the people are very honest and helpful. They are a welcoming people, they like foreign visitors. Also they are very friendly and kind with children. So they always say hello and kiss my children. They are really respectable people.

In London everything is smooth, even their weather. When I was there in the summer season it was sometimes foggy and quite wet, but usually it was warm and sunny wonderful days. We stayed in a hotel located in Basely Water Street in Prince Square close to Hyde Park.

Hyde Park is the biggest park in the UK. It's very fantastic place with amazing nature, however there are many small cafes everywhere and restaurants withg fast food with a big area especially for children with different kinds of games and toys and all the ways of fun and comfort. It is important to mention that in this place many people come at the weekend to express and talk about their thinking and opinions for hot topics and about everyone, even in political and government topics. The discussion is open for anyone and no one can hit or hurt or even stop you.

Also I visited there the most famous sightseeing, such as Madam Tussad's Wax Museum. There everytime the place is crowded by the tourists and you have to wait in queue until you can reach inside. I took many photographs with some famous and popular people like the President of France, Sarcozi, and of the USA, Obama and Lady Diana. The most interesting thing there was seeing films in 3D (three dimentions) which describe the city and in the smae place you can see some models of previous charecters that look like they are breathing; you see their chest move up and down as normal breathing. 

We also went on a package trip that included different places (on a big bus) which is one of the most tourist transportation. It consists of two stories and it's red or blue in colour.The second level is exposed so you can see, smell and hear while the guide explains everything that has an important meanign by different languages as you want (by using an earpeice presentin every chair). 

During this trip we saw the palace of Queen Elisabeth (Buckingham Palace), Big Ben and Picadilly Centre. After that we directed to another trip with the same programme but it was different and more exciting because it was on the river on a huge boat. On this trip we passed by the most historic and traditional sights in London. One of the interesting things was London Bridge where it had been opened it was very wonderful veiw and rare to happen as the guide said we were very lucky tourists.

On this same day we went on the Eye of London, from which you can see the whole city from the top while you drink and eat some snacks. I think the strangest thing was when I saw a group of people (friends) had enjoyed their time and anm groom and his bride on their wedding day. Really is was very strange and exciting to see, more than the view of the city from the top. 

Then, for sure like any normal woman in the world loves shopping so you should go to Oxford Street where there are really all the better national shops and department stores. Don't forget to go to Harrod's department Store. It is very amazing and I amazed by it and I did not believe I was on the planet Earth!

As Muslims we decided that we had to go to the International Islamic Centre which is one of the most common places you should visit. First we did our prayers and then had a look in it's big library which explains the nature of Islam and the distribution. Behind the mosque is a rose garden which contains all the kinds of flowers of the world. You can see there many of them with different colours and smells. 

We were advised to visit the London Zoo but unfortunately when we arrived we found the place closed and it was the last day before the day we had to leave. So at this time I hoped and asked God that one day my country, Libya, becomes like the UK. Maybe, why not?

Dakera Abubaker Ben Amer
Pre-Intermediate B

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