Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What's Korea Like?

Korea is one of the most beautiful countries that I'd love to visit. It lies in the northeastern part of the Asian continent. It consists of South and North Korea. Korea is a small country with different cultures. The climate is hot and humid in summer and too cold in winter.

Koreans like to build their homes from wood to protect them from the cold. They speak a different and the stangest language I've ever known in my life. But I think it's beautiful and I'd love to learn it one day. Also they have a traditional dress for a woman of course for wearing on special occasions. But on normal days they just wear normal clothes just like us. 

Koreans like to spend their time with family and buiding emotional bonds.

Last but noit least, Korea is a beautiful place. You'll want to vist and know everything about it.

Sara N. K.
Pre-intermediate B

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