Monday, March 05, 2007

A busy Friday!

We went to the mountains for a picnic last Friday.
Unfortunately, it was raining.
Fortunately, we had a tent.
Unfortunately, it wasn't big enough for us.
Fortunately, the weather became nice.
Unfortunately, we couldn't play because we forgot the football.
Fortunately, We played racquetball together.
Unfortunately, one of us broke his leg.
Fortunately, we had a car and carried him to the hospital.
Unfortunately, we didn't find a doctor there.
Fortunately, there was a perfect nurse who helped him.
Unfortunately, we came back home early and didn't enjoy ourselves.
Fortunately, we found a good program on TV.
Unfortunately, we heard some bad news.
Fortunately, some other friends invited us to go to a nightclub.
Unfortunately, we met some bad guys in front of the club.
Fortunately, there were policemen around there.
Unfortunately, the police tried to catch them but couldn't.
Fortunately, we got into the club without any problems happening.
Unfortunately, there wasn't nice music and we didn't enjoy it.
Fortunately, the food was delicious and we had a nice dinner!

Luay, Saad, Rania, Aiman & Fatih

A present

I wanted to buy my teacher a present for her birthday.
Unfortunately, the shop was closed.
Fortunately, there was another shop.
Unfortunately, I didn't find a nice present.
Fortunately, I had a nice present.
Unfortunately, it was old.
Fortunately, I went to another shop.
Unfortunately, all the shops were closed.
Fortunately, I made her a present.
Unfortunately, my niece broke it.
Fortunately, I made another one.
Unfortunately, I didn't have all the things to make it.
Fortunately, my friend had another extra present.
Unfortunately, I didn't have a car.
Fortunately, my friend picked me up.
Unfortunately, the car broke down.
Fortunately, I stopped a taxi.
Unfortunately, I didn't have enough money.
Fortunately, I found some friends in the street.
Unfortunately, we didn't find the house.
Fortunately, I called her.
Unfortunately, she didn't answer me.
Fortunately, I found her husband in the street.
Unfortunately, I didn't talk to him.
Fortunately, I found her address in my pocket.
Unfortunately, the wind blew it away.
Fortunately, I found myself in front of her house.

And I gave her the present!

Elham, Sara, Enas & Mohammed