Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Dream House Like No Other

Jeef: Good evening everybody and a big welcome to our guest tonight, Miss Rahged Derriga.

Raghed: Thank you Jeef.

Jeef: Can you tell us about your newest house design?

Raghed: Yes, of course. You see this house isn't just my newest design it is also my dream house. The house is on top of a mountain so that when you look out of your window you'll see an amazing view.

Jeef: It sounds so high but beautiful.

Raghed: Hhhhhhh... ya ya. In this design I'm concentrating on the natural elements, you know, like wood and marble. I also want a big amount of sun beams to get inside the house so there are large windows with thick glass.

Jeef: That's very healthy too.

Raghed: Yes, it is, and I love the sound of water falling so there will be a fountain that looks like a waterfall and a big cage with different kinds of birds in it.

Jeef: How many floors is the house going to have?

Raghed: It's going to be four floors with half circle balconies. On the ground floor there will be the reception hall and other rooms and there will be a chandelier hanging from the forth floor. On the underground floor there will be a swimming pool and sport equipment.

Jeef: What about bedrooms?

Raghed: The bedrooms will be divided between the second and first floor. 6 bedrooms with their bathrooms.

Jeef: What about the colours?

Raghed: The colours are maroon, oil painting, dark yellow, dark green and black. I love mosaics so you'll find many parts of the house are decorated with mosaics.

Jeef: That sounds like a wonderful house.

Raghed: Yes, it is. This is my dream house and I'd love to share it with my family and beloved ones.

Jeef: Thank you Raghed. That was the famous engineer, Raghed Derriga, and thank you for watching our show, Dream House. And remember you too can build your dream house with some help from us.

Raghed Derriga
Pre-Intermediate B

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