Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Writing letters

The pre-intermediate /PET preparation students were assigned the task of writing a letter to an editor of a newspaper saying why they wanted to win a competition for a weekend trip to the UK. Here is what some of the students wrote:

Dear Editor,

I would like to enter this competition.

I've been learning English for about seven years because I like learning this language. It helps a lot in life, for example; in work and in communicating with people.

I have visited a lot of countries like England, France, Germany and Italy, and if I win I will take my sister with me.

I want to win the weekend because I want to have fun and I'd like to stay at the hotel because they have got a nice breakfast and dinner and I can visit the famous northern market adn shop bargains.

At last, thank you for giving us a chance to practice our language.

Yours sincerely,
Esra Elsarraj

Dear Editor of the Times Magazine,

I have been learning English for five years, first of all my parents want me to learn English; thinking about my future they wanted me to have a third language. I can speak Arabic and Portuguese. English is an international language and beginning to study younger would help me to be more fluent.

I've visited some countries like Brazil, Italy, Tunisia and Spain with my family but if I win this weekend I'll take my dad with me.

I really want to win this weekend because I want to practise English in it's mother land.


Dear Editor,

I have been learning English for over six months and my language is better than before.

I am learning English to get a better job and improve my language, your organising a competition is helping me to learn English in a specific way, especially if I win I would like to visit other countries especially in Europe and take a friend with me for fun.

I hope to win the competition to visit Liverpool and make conversation with people who speak English very well.

Your faithfully,

Isam Ben Shaban

Monday, August 28, 2006

A class survey

The B3 students have been taking surveys. Here is what they found out about their classmates:

The majority of the people in this class don't speak other anguages and most of them want to learn Italian and French. - Mahmud Sami

Quite a few people in this class are studying English to find a good job, another few people in this class are studying English because they like it and other people in class have a different purpose. About half the people in this class watch BBC news in English. About half the people in this class listen to English music. - Sarah

Everybody here spoke with Thureyah (the secretary) when they came to register for the course. Most people in this class said the assessment test was difficult. Most people said they are studying English because it is very important for their job. - Tawfik

The majority of people in this class never failed a test. The majority of people in this class feel good when they pass a test. About half of the people in this class like to do homework. Only two people in this class don't like to do homework. - Mohamed Amer Koni

About half the people in this class like maths. About half the people in this class like to do homework. Two people in this class don't like to do homework. Most people in this class do homework for an hour every day. About half the people say science subjects are their favourite. - Mohamed Jebril

Most people in this class are studying English to get a job and for work.
Most people in this class like reading because it is easier than writing.
Most people in this class like speaking because it is easier than dictation. - Adel Ali

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Saturday, August 19, 2006

What do the beginner students say?

  • I live in a flat. I live with my family. In the evening I go to the beach. - Omima Elmabruk
  • My favourite food is pizza and salad. I drink tea every day. - Tasnem
  • I live in a house. I live with my parents. In the evening I go shopping. - Emhmed
  • In the morning I go to work. I eat a sandwich or toast for breakfast. - Wesam Ali
  • I like to play football at the weekend. In the evening I watch TV. - Abdulsattar Elwefty
  • I drink milk everyday. My favourite food is pizza. - Ahmed Muftah Zargoun
  • In the morning I get up at ten o'clock. In the evening I watch TV. - Sara Mustafa Bader
  • I listen to music and watch TV at the weekend. In the evening I watch TV and drink a cup of tea. - Elham Elwefati
  • I drink orange juice every day. I eat pizza for breakfast. - Eslam
  • I like to go swimming at the weekend. In the morning I go to school. - Samar
  • My favourite food is pizza. I drink coca-cola everyday. - Fatih
  • I like to play football at the weekend. In the evening I play tennis. - Abedalghany
  • I like to go to the farm at the weekend. In the evening I go to the mosque. - Abdulwaret
  • I like to go swimming at the beach at the weekend. I like swimming. - Hajar
  • In the evening I watch TV and listen to music. I like to play football and swimming at the weekend. - Esrea Taher Balhaj

Honeymoon Holiday

First, there is no girl that doesn't dream about her wedding dress, her wedding and her honeymoon. But as I said this is just a dream, nobody knows if it will come true or not. However, it doesn't hurt if we dream.

So, if I have a honeymoon holiday where would I spend it? . . . I think I'll decide depending on the time of year that I'll have it. What I mean, if my honeymoon was in the summer and spring time I would like to spend it in Spain, exactly in the countryside of it.

I've visited Spain and it's a lovely country and I think I fell in love with it's old cities with their narrow blocks, red roses on the windows and balconies, the street markets where the local people and farmers sell their goods and their special foods. The weather is very nice, with fresh air, plenty of sun, the silence makes you feel relaxed, the views of the sea from Gibraltar are unbelievable.

Maybe because I still have these sweet memories about Spain that I always dream that I'll spend my honeymoon there and in the early morning we'll walk on the beach and watch the sunrise after that doing some sightseeing because these cities have very traditional and old Islamic buildings. Maybe we'll have lunch outdoors. At night I'll dress in my party clothes (with a scarf) and have dinner at one of the old restaurants there and listen to the Spanish guitar.

But if my honeymoon is in winter or autumn I'll spend it on the Alps, the mountains of Italy. The weather there is so cold and I think we'll spend most of the time in the cabin near the fireplace and drink hot chocolate. Very romantic, isn't it?

But in the real world I think I won't go anywhere. That is OK if the man who I marry is my soulmate. In this case, nothing more will be important.

Preparation for FCE

Dream Holiday

If I was given the freedom to choose a place to spend my holiday in, I'll choose Hawaii. Please don't ask me why, because I'm very shy.

Actually, I've seen many pictures and documentary programmes about Hawaii where the sky is clear and the mountains are high.

The Hawaiian islands are a chain of volcanic islands located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and are part of the United States of America where it's the fiftieth state, that was the geographical definition, but in fact the real definition is paradise and it's not an exaggerated word. So can you imagine it's extended white beaches, the clear sea water and the wonderful palm trees? Imagine yourself there sleeping on a sunbed, drinking a cocktail of juices and relaxing. And there are beautiful girls like angels in your service.

At night you go to the hotel where there's a party and local dancers dance, with unique moves, wearing clothes covered with flowers. When dawn comes you go up to the mountain tops to observe the sun rising from the sea, it's a nice view and more beautiful than the sunset, I think.

It's like paradise, isn't it?

Mohammed Krefa
Preparation for FCE

To Yethreb School's teachers:

I always say to myself that there's no teacher in this world who does her job well. No one is kind and understanding. But here in this school with you Mrs. Alea, Mrs. Khadija and the others, you made me change my opinion.

I think your teaching style is perfect, especially the way you distribute the lesson period over different topics.

So. . . I would like to thank you.

Aimen Rashed

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Miss Nora's been extremely helpful with the courses at Yethreb School this summer. She's been an assistant for the B-zero group and has also been helping Miss Thureyah in the office too. Nora is studying English at high school and hopes to study English at university in two years. She's currently enrolled in our First Certificate English preparation course. Many thanks Nora and good luck in your studies!

Aimen from the B3 class brought a surprise for Mrs Alea and his classmates. He made a peach tart! It was yummy! Thanks Aimen!

Monday, August 07, 2006

IELTS - Reading and Writing Tips

For some useful tips and ideas to help you prepare for IELTS Reading and Writing you can download these files:

To read these files you need to have an Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you don't have that you can get it here: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.