Saturday, June 09, 2007

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Monday, June 04, 2007

In the Spring

I like spring. It's a very beautiful season. I usually go to many places in spring and I like to see the colours of the flowers. I go with my family on trips to the hills. I watch sheep and horses. We eat taboola and fatohe while sitting on the ground. We drink malta mattee. We listen to the birds singing. The weather in spring is warm. We return home at night....

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Yethreb Students Visit Sabratha!

My favourite season

I like spring because it has very nice weather. In spring I go with my family to visit some places in my country such as the zoo, and sometimes I go to my farm. This is a very nice place in spring because I can see lots of flowers that have different colours and many types of plants and fruits and I can see a lot of bees and butterflies that have nice colours and the sky is clear. The weather in spring is mild. I like it in this weather the time of day and night is the same length. When I look to the sky I see lots of birds. They're beautiful!

Hayat Askar
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I like the spring because the weather is mild and there are a lot of flowers, green trees and many fruits to eat. In spring we can go to picnics and enjoy ourselves with people. In spring you can see many kinds of birds flying in the sky and take photos of trees and flowers. In spring you can see the ground the same as a green rug. In spring people move and visit many places.

Salah Alfitouri Omar
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Winter and Summer

I like winter and summer but the winter is my favourite season because I like to stay at home with my family when the weather is cold and the sky is raining. I like to eat hot food and oranges and drink coffee and tea and watch TV. I like it very much.

When the summer comes I like to go with my sisters and their families to the beach and I like to swim and play with their children. I like to eat ice-cream and all kinds of fruit. and cold drinks. I go to my sister's farm but the sun is shining all day and it's very hot, so I like the winter season the best.

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The Seasons

Each season has different weather than the other. For example in summer it is too hot and in winter it is too cool. I like all seasons; summer because I can go to the sea and I like spring because the weather is very nice, between hot and cool, in the middle, and there are lots of flowers. I like autumn because I have to go back to school after a long holiday and it is the season for dates. Milk and dates are very useful and delicious. But the favourite season for me is winter because the rain is nice and I like being inside when it rains and drink hot drinks.

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I like winter because it is too cold and I like to walk in the rain and drive my car int he streets with my friends. I like to wear winter clothes. some places in Libya look beautiful in the winter. Sometimes when hail falls down on the city and on the cars it looks beautiful and I like to play with the hail.

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