Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Hero!

Two years ago I decided to take karate lessons to protect myself and my family. And that was a really good idea. I joined a karate club with my friends, but the problem was that I was a little bit short, but that does not mean that I am not a good player.

Anyway, one day while I was out shopping with my friend I saw a woman coming out of the bank. She looked rich because she was wearing nice clothes with a smart briefcase. I noticed a young man behind her. Suddenly he took her briefcase so fast and she started to scream. The man was running toward me so I stopped him and gave him some lessons! I took the briefcase that he had stolen from the lady and I returned it to the woman.

She was so happy. She told the police that I was a hero.

Nadia Ali
PET preparation

Monday, July 25, 2005

My friend Malak

My friend's name is Malak. She is studying in the third year in Ali Syala School. She is a clever student. She lives with her family in Zaweet Aldahmani in Tripoli. She has two sisters, one of them is married and she has a son. Her son's name is Ashrof. Malak has three brothers. One of them died last summer. Her mother's a teacher and her father's a doctor.

Amera Kalifa
B2 (Elementary)

My friend Ruhaifa

My friend's name is Ruhaifa. She is 18 years old. She lives in Tripoli, Libya. She is a generous girl and nice. She has long hair and brown eyes. She is very nice.

Ruhaifa has three sisters (Ruwaida, Rehab and Sara) and she hasn't any brothers. Her father is a supervisor in the oil organization and her mother is a housewife. This is her family. They are very nice and friendly. I like visiting them, and I like when they visit us too.

Ruhaifa is a student in the secondary schol. It's called Ali Syala School. She is with me in the same classroom. We are studying together every year. We are like sisters. I love her very much and she loves me too. She tells me her secrets and I tell her about my secrets too because she is very secretive and I am too. She is my best friend.I feel if she is sad or happy or angry and I know why she is happy or sad. And she feels for me too. I ask God to keep her for me. Really we are like sisters.

'Perhaps you have a brother that your mother didn't give birth to.'

Sarah Farag Abdulrahman
B2 (Elementary)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sabratha, Libya

One rainy winter night . . .

One rainy winter night while I was sleeping, suddenly I woke up. The rain was knocking at my window with a very loud noise. That night was very cold and dark. My family was in their rooms sleeping. Nothing was moving inside the house, only the trees, or the phone cable dancing, or nature's music. Suddenly I heard a cat. I checked window to find out -- yes it was a cat! I asked myself 'How did she climb the tree and jump into my window?' Then I took it inside and I dried it and then I went to the kitchen and got a dish of milk for the cat. Before going to bed, I decided to call her Nanny and took her on to my lap and hugged her and I said to myself 'Im really in love with her'.


Monday, July 11, 2005

Meet Sarah

Me and my family .

I'm from Gharian in Libya, and I'm 17 years old. I have wonderful parents. I love them very much. They love their children and they think that children are gift from God. My father is a doctor in the sciences College and my mother is a housewife. I have five brothers and I don't have any sisters, but I don't care about it. My oldest brother is married. His wife is very nice. She is like my sister. My brothers names are Husam, and Zeyad, and Alwalid, Sufian and Assem. The Husam's and engineer, he was in Cassino Italy to take his masters, Zeyad is engineer too. He's studying in the United States of America. Alwalid is an engineer, but he stays in Libya. Sufian and is a fourth year student in medical college. The last one is Assem. He is the youngest in my family, usually we see him like a baby, he is 13 years old.

I love my brothers. They are my lifes light, but my parents are my life. I can't live in this world without them. 'Life without parents is like 50 without a five.' After that I want to talk about my parents. My father is a serious man , he is a cultured and perfect father. I say that not because he is my father, but it's a fact. However, my mother is funny and very generous. This is my family. I'm happy that I have them and I ask God every day to keep them for me.

Me and my work.

I'm a student. I'm studying in secondary school. I like going to school and I enjoy studying my subjects. When I meet with my friends. I love them very much, but my best friend is Ruhaifa. My friends and I talk about our secrets together between lessons or during the rest period and laugh about funny things. Sometimes we talk together about something, until we quarrel, but no one allows herself to continue the discussion because she's frightened to loose her friends.

Me and my home.

We have a big house in Tripoli, but my home is in Gharian. I like it very much. We have a wonderful flat there. In our house there are four bedrooms, the bathroom, a living room, kitchen and there is an office for my father. It has a lot of books, and a big room for visitors. We have a garden where we grow a lot of plants. Our garden is like a jungle.

Me and my free time.

Often, I have a lot of free time. In it I read books, use the computer, study the English language, watch films and listen to some Quran.

Sarah Farag Abdulrahman

Meet Zeinaldeen

Me and my family.

I'm from Palestine. I'm in Tripoli, in Libya, and I'm 32 years old. I'm married and my wife's name is -- --. She is a housewife. We have one daughter. She is very beautiful. I have two brothers and four sisters. They live in Tripoli too.

Me and my work.

I'm a telecommunications engineer, so I work in a private company. I enjoy my work very much. I like it because I get good experience. I work about nine or 10 hours per day.

Me and my home.

We have a house in Tripoli but my best home is in Palestine. We have a small house there. There are about four roomsand the house is very hot so many times the air-conditioner is working. We have a garden, where we grow mint and flowers.

Me and my free time.

Well, I have very little free time but when I can I like taking my family for a journey. We play, eat, drink and talk for hours. I love my country. I like all kinds of cars, but especially the BMW.

Zeinaldeen M. Abd-alatiff

Meet Siraj

Me and my family.

My name's Siraj. I live in Tripoli, Libya. I'm 18 years old. I live with my mother and father. I have one brother and three sisters. My father has a shop in Benashur. My mother is a school teacher.

Me and my work.

When I'm not studying I help my father in our shop. I enjoy working with my father, because I meet lots of interesting people.

Me and my home.

I live in Benashur in a large house. We have eight large rooms and two gardens and one large garage.

Me and my free time.

Well, I have very little free time, but when I can I like going to the cafe with my friends and sometimes we play snooker.


Meet Ibrahim

Me and my family.

I'm from Tripoli in Libya and I'm 16 years old. I have six brothers and one sister. I live in Wadi-rabii, in the south of Tripoli, with my father, mother and grandparents. My father works in a company and my mother is a teacher.

Me and my work.

I'm a student in secondary school. I have many friends in my school. I like history and English, but I don't like geography.

Me and my home.

We have a house on the farm. It's a very beautiful house. It's got seven rooms, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. In my farm we grow lots of trees and fruit.

Me and my free time.

Now it is the summer holiday because school is closed, so we have a long holiday. We can go on many tours and picnics and I can go with my family to the zoo and do many special things. I like playing football, basketball and watching TV.

Ibrahim Kamaladien

Meet Abear

My family and me.

I'm from Tripoli, in Libya, and I'm 25 years old. I have two sisters and two brothers. My father's name is Omar, he is a financial consultant. My mother is a housewife. She is lovely and beautiful. She can speak two languages - Arabic and French. Amina is the most wonderful mother in the world.

My home and me.

To we have a big house in Tripoli. It's modern, comfortable and large. There are about 14 rooms. Thanks God for this gift too! Also, we have a small farm. I like to go there, where I have a nice time with my lovely cat. We play, and play and play!!

My free time and me.

OK, I have a little free time, because I study in two places; an English course with pretty, lovely, fantastic, super teacherAlea, and also I study in university. So I have little free time, but when I can I like to go shopping and see my cousins. I enjoyed them very much. We sit, and talk for hours! And other days, I like to stay-at-home and just relax and watch TV. Thanks God for this interesting life.

Abear Frewan

Sunday, July 03, 2005

In the old city - Tripoli, Libya

How I like to spend Friday

I prefer to spend my time in different ways. It depends on many things - my mood, my work, the season, or the weather.

In the summertime if the weather is good, and the sea is calm I like to go to the beach with my friends. We take some food, chairs and umbrellas. There we can swim, play volleyball and become sunburned. But when the weather is windy we like to go to the forest. We have a very delicious chicken or fish barbecue, play football or just talk and enjoy our company.

Also, I like to travel, to see local sites, historical places and the beauty of nature, and of course of as a lot of women, I like to go shopping, and no bad weather can stop me!

But sometimes I like to stay at home and read an interesting book or play computer games, listen to good music and do some needlework or just watch TV.

Tatyana Khoruzha

What are you doing on Friday?

My family decided to go to the beach in order to spend a nice time in the fresh air. My family are going to go on a picnic at the beach on Friday. My father and my mother prepare for our picnic. We get up early at seven o'clock. I invited my best friend Maria to come with us. We eat a good breakfast, then we play football and volleyball. After playing we are going to swim in the sea for half an hour. After swimming, we're going to listen to music. My favorite music is pop music. My best friend and I love playing chess, so we are going to take a chess game with us. My father and mother are going to play cards. In the afternoon we're going to have lunch together. We're going to drink tasty juices like mango juice. After having lunch with going to take a nap under the umbrella. After having an nap, we're going to swim again. After swimming, we're going to go on the beach and eat and ice cream .

In the evening we're going to the fish restaurant near the beach. I think we're going to have a lot of fun at Golden Beach.

Amna Elsyed