Sunday, January 29, 2012

A special birthday meal

My special meal was in October last year for my birthday. It was a very nice meal, it was at home.

When I finished my work in the hospital it was 8:00pm, so it started at 9:00pm. Mummy made rice, pizza and she bought cake from the market.

I didn't know about the party because it was a surprise. Once I opened the door my family were there waiting for us (me and my twin Areej). My little sister took me to the site of the party. Everything was perfect to me.

We cut the cake, ate the pizza and the rice and drank Pepsi of course. I wore my blue hospital uniform because I didn't have time to change. We finished at 11:00pm.

I liked it so much. My favourite part was the opening presents time. I liked them all.

Before the party, I was so tired. When I was in the car I was sleepy and I couldn't keep my eyes open, but once I reached home and saw my mother waiting and what she had done for me I forgot everything and enjoyed the party.

Ainour Elmishre
Pre-Intermediate A

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