Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some things about my city

The Problems In My Neighbourhood

  • There's too much traffic.
  • There aren't enough places for children to play.
  • There aren't enough places to park.
  • There's too much noise in the daytime.
  • There are too many children in the streets all the time.
  • There's no place to park my car.
  • There's too much rubbish beside my neighbourhood's houses.
  • Next door to me there's a house where the people make too much noise at night. It's a big problem for me because I can't sleep.

Things I'd Like To Do To Improve My City:

  1. I'd like to improve my city by building new places for children to play.
  2. Improve public transport
  3. Improve and build new car parks
  4. Improve bus stations
  5. Improve drivers' skills because I think there are a lot of accidents all the time.
  6. Build new places for free time activities like new places for playing football.
  7. Build new streets.

Sara N. K.
Pre-Intermediate B

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