Monday, November 28, 2005

Dreams often come true

I believe in the notion that dreams can come true no matter how hard or far they seem. Being an intellectual, I have wide-ranging ambitions. Some of my future dreams center around my profession, dentistry.

I plan to establish a specialized dental centre for which I will devote my experience, efforts and money. I may open this new microfinance project in my country, Iraq, when I return. This project may include all dental services such as exodentia, periodentia, paedodontia and a highly qualified dental implantation section.

Being the owner of the business and professional and specialized dentist, I will try to employ qualified professional dentists from both sexes. In addition to their work efficiency, they should be of pleasant character, show respect to patients, highly committed and tolerant.

As it is a polyclinic including different specialized clinics, I will pay special attention to the dental implantation section. I have an excellent background in this field, owing to the fact that I receive local and international intensive training from international consultants. And also it is relatively new and hot branch of dentistry, which attracts many potential patients.

My future plan will not only secure financial benefits, but it'll also benefit many people who will enjoy a good and relatively reasonable cost of dental care.

Dr. Ahmed Hashim Hussein
Ielts Preparation

JoJo it goes

To start with, when I started my business, I didn't even know how to spell entrepreneur, and although that's true, my point is that not everyone grows up believing that they will own a business. However, I believe now that most entrepreneurs do have certain character traits that lend themselves to this way of life. And I discovered mine by accident.

Motivated by a passionate belief that the Internet was the future of communication and community, my entire business model revolves around it. My long-term goal is to create a business, which can grow, and shape, shift based on my needs, and the needs of my clients. I have been building the business from the ground with a foundation intended for growth, and change. In the early stages, I developed policies and processes, documenting everything as I went. I set up systems that can grow and be managed by others, at the time that I hire an assistant. My intent is to harness the talents of other independent, virtual professionals who can provide other strengths and services. Gradually, I am setting up systems between clients, myself and associates, as well as peers that network and share knowledge with. I want an organization that associates are proud to be affiliated with. I want to continue creating customers, who couldn't dream of going anywhere else because they know that with 'JoJo it goes!' they will get what they need, no worries.

To honor the dream of other virtual professionals who wish to remain independent yet strong, following their own paths, but alone. At the same time, I am deeply committed to bringing the information age to small-business owners, and showing them how to harness today and tomorrow's technologies so they can grow their businesses.

This is the foundation of my business today, and how it is reflected in my visions for tomorrow.

Josephine John
Ielts preparation

Monday, November 21, 2005

My Last Holiday

I went to Zalitun last summer with my family 'my mother and my father'. We travelled by car and we stayed in my aunt's home. I visited all my relatives there and I saw sheep, chickens and beautiful trees. I met everybody that I like there. I made a cake and bazeen (traditional Libyan food) because people there like bazeen so much. I enjoyed the holiday very much and I stayed for two weeks. It was very interesting.

Nabila Salem

Rabia's Last Holiday

I went with my friends to the beach. We got up early at eight o'clock and spent my time doing different things with my friends in the summer when the weather was sunny and the sea was warm and quiet. We took some food, chairs and umbrellas. There we swam, played football and we rode in a boat. We ate a good lunch, a very delicious chicken, fish, pizza, hamburgers and ice cream after sunbathing with my friends. We drank fruit juices. I usually go to the sea with my friends. It is interesting but sometimes I like to stay at home and enjoy playing on the computer, games, books and watching TV.

Rabia Zreaba

Leptis Magna - Libya

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November Trip

On the first of November my friends and I went to Libda (Leptis Magna) by my car from the morning to the night. We brought our food and soft drinks and made barbeque on the beach. We took photographs, played football and sang Libyan songs. When we finished we cleaned the place and put all the things in the car and returned to Tripoli. We enjoyed it so much.

Mohamed Ahmad

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

All about me

I am Asma Al-Shawesh. I will tell you about myself, my past, my hobbies and my dreams.

I was born in Tripoli on 12th of June 1981. My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher and my two sisters and my brother are all younger than me.

Since I was a child I was a very ambitious girl, always seeking the better and attempting to be the best. I always was the first in my class. I was really interested in one thing: reading. I like to read magazines, stories and scientific books about different sciences and my family was always encouraging me, and still reading is my favorite hobby until now.

As a teenager, I couldn't decide whether to be a doctor or a computer engineer, but at the age of 16 I chose to be a doctor. That was my goal, especially after I lived in Vienna for 6 years and I saw how the doctors worked hard, and how the people respect them.

So, I started to study medicine. It was very difficult, but interesting at the same time, but I did my best and I graduated as a doctor on April 2005. Now I'm very happy in my job. I have an interest to deal with different cases and always try to do my best to make my patients happy.

My dreams and goals never stop at this level. My next goal is to be widely known psychiatric specialist, and I will learn more, read more and work more to achieve my goals.

Asma Al-Shawesh
IELTS preparation


I'm Josephine, an Indian residing in Libya. I'm a nurse and came to Libya in 1985 to work in Central Hospital, Sebha.

I became a nurse, because since the age of 10, I've always had an ambition in my life to help the sick and old people. So, I decided to do nursing and finished my training in 1982 in an Irish institution at Bangalore, India. I got the opportunity to work abroad. I came to Libya since my sister was already working here and heard a lot about Libya.

When I landed in Sebha, Libya, and realized I was in the Sahara Desert, all my dreams shattered. Even though I'm a sociable and culturally active person, I adjusted gradually to the kind of atmosphere. I enjoyed working in the hospital and especially taking care of the old people. The turning point in my life was when I married a person working in Libya.

Now I'm living in Tripoli with my husband and two lovely daughters. We go to India for holiday every year. I've keen interest in cooking, listening to music, watching television, and searching the Internet.

My future plan is to go to the UK to work and to gain more professional competence and also for my children's further education.

Josephine John
IELTS preparation

Monday, November 14, 2005

Lecture series sponsored by British Council and the Academy of Graduate Studies

On Sunday 13th November the British Council and the Academy of Graduate Studies hosted a lecture titled 'Women as Entrepreneurs'. It was the first lecture in a discussion series tackling diverse and controversial topics.

The next lecture will be on Sunday 27 November and covers the topic 'Sustainable Tourism'. The IELTS and FCE students will be discussing this topic in their classes before the lecture. If you don't have a worksheet about the topic, please ask your teacher for it. We hope that our students at Yethreb School will be prepared to join in the discussion following the lecture which will be given by May Cassar. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Things that make you happy

1. Hearing your favourite song.

2. A good conversation.

3. Finding 10 dinars in your coat from last winter.

4. Watching the sun set.

5. Having someone tell you you are beautiful (or handsome).

6. Friends.

7. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep before you have to get up.

8. Sweet dreams.

9. Making new friends or spending time with old ones.

10. Giggling.

11. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.

12. No lines at the supermarket.

Now it's your turn!
Click on comment and tell us 'What makes you happy?'