Monday, March 31, 2008

Out with my classmates and teacher

Last Tuesday, I went to Marjan Supermarket which has a small restaurant with my colleagues Ahmed, Khaled, Hassan and Osama at the school and out teacher Mrs. Samira for a special Cinnabon and wonderful pizza.

First Hassan called me to make sure if I am coming to school or not, while I was driving my car and when I was entering the class Ahmed called me to ask if there's a class today. Everybody came to class except Fadia and Wafa and we took one hour to talk and answer some exercises. Next we decided to go to the restaurant and we argued which car we'll take because everybody has a car. So I rode in my teacher's car and the guys rode in Osama's car and when the teacher was driving she told me that she's been driving since 1977 ands she is still afraid of driving which needs a brave person. Then we entered the restaurant. It's a small area with four small tables but it looks very beautiful.

Later, me and Hassan preferred pieces of pizza and you can't imagine how Khaled was looking at Hassan when he suggested to buy a big size of pizza. The teacher chose Cinnabon with green tea, Ahmed and Osama chose Cinnabon with Foster Drink and Khaled took a Cinnabon and we talked, joked and laughed for two hours.

Shortly after that we went around the supermarket and showed to Osama how it's very expensive to have a family and a house. Finally, we finished this wonderful day and the teacher showed us the perfect way to get something you want from anyone as a gift. Then everybody went back to his home with a smiling face.

Abdalmageed Ali
PET Preparation