Sunday, January 08, 2012

Some of our Pre Intermediate students

Aya is an eye doctor. She has three brothers and three sisters and she is the oldest one. She is 26 years old. She is a student in Tripoli. She is busy studying English. She lives in Hay Alandoles. Her best friend is Bellcises. She is studying English too because she needs it in her work. Her future plan is finishing her English studies.

Jenna Bader

Eman is a Libyan girl living in Tripoli Libya. She is 18.

Eman lives in Tripoli. She is studying English in Yethreb School because English is important and an international language. In addition, she is going to be a dentist in the future and this is another reason for studying English.

In her free time she likes playing on her computer. On holidays she tries to learn something new.

Ibrahim Baour

Genna is a beautiful 15 year old girl. She is one of my English classmates. 

She has got three sisters and two brothers. She finished her primary school last year in Nagea Twier School in Tripoli. She has a close friend; her name is Noor. Genna and Noor go shopping every weekend.

Aya Elmishre

Marwa Altelesis is a Libyan girl born in 1990. She lives in Tripoli with her family. She is a student in medical school. She is going to be a dentist. Marwa has four brothers and four sisters. She loves her family. She is engaged and planning to get married and stay at home to raise her children.

She likes travelling. She has been to German, Tunisia and Mali. In her free time she likes reading Bottany books. She is going to livein Misrata with her future husband.

Areej Jomaa

His name is Ibrahim and he's 25. He's not married. He lives in a housein Tripoli, in Libya.

He's an intern now and he's going to be a doctor. He's studying English because he's preparing himself for the IELTS exam. He likes playing footbal and reading the Koran in his free time.

Eman Eshmila

Ainour is one of my classmates. She is 24 years old. She livesin Hai Andelos in a house.

Ainour has got three sisters and three brothers and she is still single. By the way, she is a good cook, especially in desserts. The best thing that she can cook is cake.

Nowadays Ainour is studying English language in Yethreb School because she is preparing an IELTS exercise while she is studying in university in medical college. Ainour will be a doctor in the future.

Ainour always spends her free time watching TV. She visited Egypt last holiday. She intends to travel to London in the future to study.

Ainour has got a veery kind spirit. She is looking forward to helping sick people when she becomes a doctor. She also likes kids very much.

Ashraf Othman

Areej Elmishre is one of the students in the English course. She is Libyan and she livesin Hai Andolus. 

Areej was born in Moscow, Russia but she didn't live there for a long time. When she was 18 years old she went ot Tipoli college and she studied medicine. She was eminent and studious in her class.

Areej is a twin with her sister. She is single and she lives with her parents and her three sisters and three brothers. She said 'I have a really nice family and I love them all'.

In her free time she likes writing and reading for culture, watching TV and browsing the internet.

Areej is a doctor, now she is working in the hemotology section. She dreams of having a good job and maybe working outside of Libya. She likes her job but she said 'It is very heavy work'. About her future plans, she said 'Sometimes I feel that I'm going to hate medicine because it takes a lot of my lifetime. So if the chance comes I'll get married and have a family!' 

Also she is going to learn the Koran. Areej likes learning languages but she can't speak any other language except English and of course Arabic. She's learning and studying English to help her in her work.

Marwa Ayad

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