Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Special meal for a special occasion

Actually, this occasion was a dinner invitation. It had been arranged by my friend Tarek when he got a new good job with an electrical projects company as an engineer.That was 4 months ago. So Ali, Marwan and I were invited to attend this occasion. That was in Tarek's farm and we all shared to prepare that dinner meal. We got started at 8pm until midnight. Then we left the farm to go back home. 

By the way, we wore summer clothes because the weather was still warm. I wore a checked short sleeved shirt and black short pants with abrown cap and slippers. 

Actually the meal was a barbeque. It consisted of roasted meat and three types of salads and some fried potatoes. We drank soft drinks and some juice. So first we slaughtered the sheep, after that we started to chop the meat into small pieces to be ready for roasting on a quiet fire.

Oh, I can never forget that special meal. It was really enjoyable occasion, to be honest it was a big banquet. The meal was extremely delicious, and we are looking forward to doing it once again.

Ashraf Othman
Pre-Intermediate A

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