Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Where is the truth?

426 Libya children from Benghazi were found in a period of 2 years to be infected with HIV. Some of them already are dead, most of them are in very bad general condition. The tragedy cannot be measured. Almost 500 innocent souls, the sweetest and dearest, the love of everyone are going to die. They will not finish school, they will not go to university, and they will not become mothers and fathers. They are going to suffer and to die just when the life begins. But their mothers will suffer even more . . .

So how did it come about this tragedy? These children were not included in so called risky groups of prostitutes, homosexuals or drug users.

Somebody is to be blamed. But who?

For about 5 years, 6 Bulgarians were accused of doing it on purpose. Who would have had an interest in these children to live or die? If it is truth, if it was done on purpose, it must be done by somebody with severe psychological damage, extreme personality deviation, someone mad. Could be. And it will not be related to the profession or nationality.

But 6 pediatric nurses and one pediatrician who had devoted their lives to take care of children, all together six! To do it intentionally, all six are crazy, six together not normal, six have decided to kill?!!!

I don’t believe. One – it is possible and the profession and nationality do not matter. But 6 – NO!

I am a doctor myself. We’ve been prepared to help others, to save life, to risk ourselves, but not to harm.

It is impossible for all six to be guilty. The court must find out the truth!

Sue Dyakova
FCE preparation


Mrs Alea said...

I tend to agree. Maybe they were a scapegoat for somebody.

Anonymous said...

Sue, This theory is realistic. Who would want to do this? It is hard to imagine one person - but 6 is unbelievable. Extremely sad - for everyone involved. Beautiful writing Sue - you are doing a wonderful job!