Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Five things I don't like

This subject is not as difficult as the things I like because I know which things I don't like.

The first:
I don't like the time because I want to do many things but I feel it goes fast. I wish it would go back and I always dream to spend the time doing many things.

The second:
I don't like the routine in the life because it kills the skills of the people and makes their life dull.

The third:
I don't like and actually hate cheating because it is very bad thing and most of people do it. It makes them dependant on others. I always fight it strongly but most of people think that I am crazy.

The fourth:
I don't like rush hour because it makes me very angery and actually it is boring.

The fifth:
I don't like separating from my family because I will miss them very much (like my sister, I miss her too much).

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Mrs Alea said...

I think I have almost the same dislikes.