Friday, April 29, 2005

My diary

I wake up everyday at 9 o'clock and take a shower at quarter past nine. After that I eat my breakfast and go to the cyber cafe. I sit and browse some internet sites. Usually I sit about 2 hours everyday. When I'm finished I go with my friend Mohamed to the university when he passed by to take me with him in his car. At 3 o'clock I come back home again, have lunch and watch some news on TV and relax. After this I go out with my friend Mohamed to English school where I take my lessons from the best teacher I ever met in my life. Her name's Alea, she's beautiful and I love her so much. When I finish my lesson at 7 o'clock I meet my friends at the cyber cafe. It's called Atlas Center. We sit there for a while. Then we go out to play. We have a band. We practice playing music and singing. It's like a party! We drink ... to change our mood and free our feelings. I don't feel the time pass away till 2 am. Everyone goes back home and I go to bed.


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Anonymous said...

Is it true that your band will be playing at the party at Yethreb School on May 12th?