Thursday, April 07, 2005

What I want to achieve in my life

In our life there are many things I hope to achieve.

The first one is complete the long FCE course and pass the exam.

The second, is complete my post graduate studies and improve my skills and experience.

Finally, when you live happy with your family in good health away from Libyan doctors and their faults, from my opinion this is the biggest achievement in your life.

FCE preparation


Mrs Alea said...

What is wrong with Libyan doctors? I think personally they are very good. You might just owe your life to one, one day!

tuhame said...

i like mrs alea comment she just hit the point u should widen ur horizons and think alittle bit far than ur room and try to think after ur short life away from us to see if u can get any further may be to paradise its worthy try it