Saturday, April 09, 2005

What I would like to achieve in my life

If you had asked me this question just a year ago I would have answered in a completely different way.

But now I have changed my philosophy and I have no ambitions. It is due to perhaps my age. I am 45, exactly as David - Solomon's son who said that for 45 years of life he's been to many places, seen many things and understood one - that everything, what is now, was before and will be the same, that there is nothing new under the sun and what ever we do is for nothing. The end is the same for the wise and honourable one and for the insane and foolish.

I knew this before but didn't influence my life. Now I am not sad or depressed, I am not going to give up and not to live but now I have achieved a certain level of knowledge and experience so I agree 100% with this postulate from the Bible.

For the next part of my life I pray to be peaceful and to be able to perform my duties perfectly. To keep good relationships with others and to not suffer a lot when the end comes.

No expectations, no disappointments, just existence.

FCE preparation


Mrs Alea said...

Susie, we must have a purpose in our life. We can't just exist. We all have bad days, but life is what you make it - so come on and enjoy yourself and even in the next stage of your life you can reach for the sky! You are never too old to learn.

tuhame said...

so u think that theres nothing after we die we just gameover i thinh just by logic it cant be there must be some purpose and very good one for our existence u should reconsider that and i advice ui to read abut islam it will give u the answer the only answer by allah himself