Sunday, April 03, 2005

Five things which I like

When I was thinking about how can I write this subject, I was very confused, because I like many things that makes me important, strong, clever, educated, cultured and to make my parents proud of me and to give them something good. Finally I got the answer about the things which I like most:

The first -
I like accountancy very much because it's my specialization and my job and I want to continue my studies in this specialization and with that I can make a career for myself.

The second -
I like computers. I spend a long time on the computer. I feel it is a special friend for me. I forget the entire world, it makes me happy.

The third -
I'd like to learn and speak many languages - English, French, especially Italian, because I can
exchange culture with other people.

The fourth -
The important one I like to stay a long time on the beach and listen to music. It makes me very

The fifth -
I like to travel and go on picnics and go out with my friends to eat breakfast and lunch and
spend a long time together. . .

Omaima Sherif
FCE Preparation

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Mrs Alea said...

I hope you manage to do all the things that make you happy.