Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A dream

Last night I had a dream. It was a nice and good indicator of a bright future. This morning when I got up I felt happy, but I forgot everything about the dream except one picture was stuck in my mind. It was my new house.

It was a spacious double-floor timber house, with two bedrooms, a kitchen, one bathroom and a beautiful living room in the middle. This is the first floor. On the second floor there is my own bedroom and its magical balcony.

I remembered the whole picture because it was very beautiful. My family photographs were placed in the living room. My wedding gift, which is a traditional old vase, was situated near the fireplace in the middle of the living room. Also, I remembered this house because of its position which is situated in a natural forest with big, tall, old trees. Everything was green except in winter, when snow coloured everything white.

I can hardly describe the beauty of the place in springtime. The flowers are gorgeous and the view from my magic balcony is almost unbelievable. There is a clear lake in front of you, with a green field below it. Swans swim serenely in the lake, and birds are singing and flying around this magical place. The natural music from the trees boosts the beauty there.

Maybe it was a dream, but I believe dreams can come true.

Yousef Zaid
Ielts foundation


Mrs Khadija said...

You succeeded in taking me there too! I could imagine it all – I felt like I was there. I hope your dream does come true!

Mrs Alea said...

Brilliant use of the language – this is how students can improve their English – by working hard and listening to the teachers!

Khalid Afet said...

after 4 years I came back and read your lovely peice of writing, and you my freind too faraway in Seatle. I am sure that your dream is under way.

Mrs Khadija said...

Khaled and Yousef... from time to time after these four years I think back and remember the wonderful times we had in your class. Your group was so full of life and the students all had specific goals. It is really an inspiration to see that you are all on your way to fulfilling your dreams.