Saturday, April 02, 2005

Things that make me happy

The day begins
I’m still alive,
I’m full of joy,
My spirit is high!

What else you need?
A smile, a friend,
A helping hand
And you’re content.

Delighted more
I’ll be today
If someone’s pain
I’d managed to save.

But more and best
Which makes me happy,
Is being a woman,
And being a mother.

To give birth,
To have a child
Is magic bliss
I’m gonna fly! . . .

I beg you Lord!
I pray, I cry –
Please help me now
To keep her fine!

My dear daughter,
My precious stone,
The only sunshine
I have at all.

The day has gone
I’m satisfied –
She’s great
And full of health!

It was enough –
A merry day! Felicity!
Thanks God!
That’s what I’ve prayed!

Sue Dyakova
FCE preparation

1 comment:

Mrs Alea said...

Nice! And I hope that God will keep us all safe.