Saturday, April 16, 2005

My favourite person

Sometimes we find a person playing important roles in our life, directing us to do perfect things.

This person is very near to my heart, she has made many changes in my life. So that is why I have her in my mind.

Actually it is very difficult for me to make a comparison with her because she is more cultured, intelligent, beautiful, stronger and wiser than me. This person spends a lot of time with me, allowing me to do many of my dreams that are like wishes for me. It’s very difficult in this time to find a person with superior ethics like her, because she gives without rewards.

This person is my best friend.
This person is ‘My mother’.

Omaima Sherif

1 comment:

Mrs Alea said...

It is very nice to have a best friend who is your mum too. I hope she is your model for when you have children – they could be my grandchildren if you agree to marry one of my sons.