Sunday, April 03, 2005

Five things that make me so happy

It's a great feeling when you provide help to your patient and free them of pain by giving them as much as you can of your time and efforts to treat their esthetic and medical problems. Also I feel so, so happy when I draw a smile on children’s faces – especially those with congenital body problems, handicapped, and the poor ones, by talking and spending time with them and giving them gifts.

Another thing that makes me happy is when I meet my parents and all my family members all together through social events and holidays like 'big and small Eid' and sharing with my family all happy and sad events.

Everybody can get success in his life, work, education, etc. especially if he has worked hard to get to that level, so it was a great moment when I have got my Bachelors degree of dental science and was the first in my class which was a big surprise to me.

It's an incredible feeling when you find someone who cares about you, looks after you, loves you, always thinking of you, also when you think of this person 'girl friend or future wife', and hope you will share together in building a family and opening a house, entering a new life.

Finally, I feel so happy when I do good things honestly, just for God and not for someone else.

Ali Arrabty
FCE preparation

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Mrs Alea said...

Being first in your class shouldn't have been a surprise if you worked hard like you obviously did. The questions would have been easy!