Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Five things that would make me incredibly happy

Well, maybe it won’t be so easy to write exactly about five things, because five is such a little number, when someone is going to think over such a boundless subject. I mean, that I can speak and speak, and write and write and never get to one gratifying conclusion. Because I can look at all these from different sides.

But still I won’t give up before at least I try.

So, the first thing is mostly my relative’s happiness. I know it sounds a little bit banal but . . . it’s true!

The second thing is my own success, health and finances, of course. I am absolutely sure that it is very selfish in comparison to the first one, but there is nothing I can do about this.

The third thing is . . . hm, yes – a brilliant result on my matriculation at school, because I would prove not only to me my devotion, but to my parents too.

The fourth one is, perhaps, to become thinner by five or six kilos. And right now I have realized how stupid that wish is. I mean, look: it’s not so easy to access a thing that it’s a shame to be called a dream (because I am writing some kind of list with dreams, aren’t I?)

And finally, the fifth thing. Oh . . . I’m going to write about these guys who are going to leave Libya forever. (My friends, I mean). I really, really hope to have someday a chance to gather together with them again.

So as a conclusion, I have to say that only number five would make me incredibly happy (because I know 90% of it won’t happen . . . unfortunately!)

FCE preparation

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Mrs Alea said...

Please try not to miss anymore lessons – not because it is the 21st century, but because you have an FCE exam soon.