Wednesday, April 20, 2005

About Me

When asked to introduce himself in class in 150 words he told his teacher that he didn’t think he could write that amount. Being the lovely teacher she is, Mrs Alea told him to do 200 and finally this is what he produced!

1700 Words About Me

I was born on September 25h 1983 in a beautiful city called Tripoli. My parents wanted to name me Ameer, but thank God my brother and sisters insisted on naming me Ahmed. I really think that the name Ameer is some kind of sissy name for a male.

Our family consists of 2 brother, 2 sisters and my kind and beautiful parents. My father’s name is Mehdi. He works for the World Islamic Society. I like his job so much because he never stays a long time in Libya – every 4 years he moves to another country so that he can be the man in charge of the Islamic office in the country he was sent to.

My mother’s name is Aisa and she is a housewife and she takes care of us. So that’s another great job. My older brother is Osama. He is married and waiting for his baby which is going to be very soon, (insha Allah). My older sister, Elham is married and has got two wonderful kids. My second sister, Entesar is married too, and she has a cute, lovely baby. So obviously I am the only one who is not married yet, still looking for the right lady to come (if you have got something let me know).

I spent the first three years of my life in Libya. After that my dad took us to a very beautiful country in Africa called Zimbabwe. There I first learned to speak English because I had no Arabic friends, all were African and Indian.

We lived in a very nice and big house were we had a large swimming pool and a big garden full of flowers and trees. I used to spend the whole day playing in our garden with the neighbors and the servant’s kids. There was a big tree that we liked to climb and stay for hours on top of it. My father used to shout at me and never wanted us to climb the tree, but we kept on doing it till we decided to order the servants to build a tree house on top of it. Also there was a small jungle where we had some banana and mango trees growing very well. It was a good spot to play hide and seek.

I spent the most beautiful five years of my life living in Zimbabwe. After that we came back to Libya and lived here for three years. That’s where I met and had Libyan friends who could understand me, because it was 50% of what I said in English and none of them could speak English. But I got used to it and I learned how to speak Arabic after that. I also had the first fight of my life in the first year I was back in Libya. I was a jungle boy raised in Zimbabwe. I was very naughty and I was making lots of problems with other kids. Most of the kids feared me and never wanted to bother me or make me upset.

So after we came back from Zimbabwe we spent three years and then moved to Europe. We lived two years between Rome and Berlin. I made some friends but I could never learn their language. Europe was a new adventure for me. I wasn’t used to the city and crowded places. I saw tall buildings and big malls. I was lost in the city for hours many times my parents had to get the help of the police to find me. After spending two years in Europe my father decided that I should go back to Libya and stay at my grandfather’s house for a few years because they thought it was better for me to stay in Libya, better than being lost forever in Europe. Also because there were no good schools that taught in Arabic.

So I spent two years living at my grandmother’s house away from my parents. But it was OK, my grandmother was so kind and sweet to me so that I didn’t miss being away from my parents.

So after I moved to live with my grandmother I joined an old famous school on Mizran Street where I knew that the Libyan teachers were so evil. I used to be beaten by the stick almost everyday for some stupid reasons at that school, also I had the first accident when in the yard the kids were playing with some wood boards left after completing a small building with it by going round and round as fast as we could. I was playing catch me if you can with the other kids. I was running and I didn’t see this guy who was playing with the board. I crashed into his board with my head and I was very wounded and I felt so dizzy that I couldn’t move for an hour. The kids took me to the first-aid lady and she took care of me. I didn’t feel much pain but there was a huge scar on my forehead which bothered me for months. But thank God it has slowly disappeared till it vanished for good.

Three years after that my parents came back to the country and they took me again to live with them abroad, but this time it was in an Asian country called Sri Lanka. There I met new friends from different places in the world, such as Korean, Italian, Sri Lankan and Libyan of course, from my school. Sri Lanka was great for me. I had fun and enjoyed my life every day. It’s a small place but it was very interesting. There I knew that every tree that has a fruit must be eaten. I saw plenty of new fruits that I never saw in my whole life, lots of tasty and delicious fruits that you can find only in Asia.

In Sri Lanka I learned about computers and technology and I learned how to swim, and I saw the most beautiful beaches in my life.

The first time I joined school was in Zimbabwe. There I joined an English school near my home. I studied my primary education between Zimbabwe, Italy and Libya. The elementary was all in Sri Lanka at a Libyan school, also I joined the British Council – Sri Lanka for two years. My high school was all in Libya a famous and old school called Ali Waraith Secondary School. This is where I met my best friends. After that I joined Ghout Al Shaah Institute for Computer Science where I got my high diploma in computer science as a software engineer.

I worked for my brother at his company called Ali Wesal Computer Service, where I upgraded my knowledge of computing. I used t be the network administrator engineer, and the Internet café director.

After five years of working with my brother, I had this offer from a huge gas company called Elhuria . . For production of industrial and medical gasses were I became the overseas marketing director and the man in charge of online service, also as the company representative in the foreign oil and gas companies in Libya. I like my job so much and until today I am working for Elhuria Co. Ltd.

After my parents moved to South Africa last year I decided that I wanted to go for post graduate study in the University of Capetown, and get a higher acceptable overseas degree – MSCIT (Master Information Technology). I am intending to join the university in January 2006. After which, God willing, I want to teach at the University of Al Fatah and become a useful teacher for the new generation.

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