Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What happened to me the last three lessons?

Mrs Alea,

I decided to write to you why I’ve missed the last three lessons. It’s some kind of return for those homework assignments that I didn’t make.

Well, on Sunday, as I told you the lesson before, I couldn’t come, because I was in Sbea visiting a friend. It was a necessary visit in order to support and comfort her through the death of her granny last Thursday.

Next, on last Monday, as in the Russian school we had a spring vacation, I had a party. I invited over twenty-five friends from school and we were rocking in the house till morning. Then I had to clean up the whole house! And at the same time I wanted to sleep so much. So after a brilliant tidying up, I just fell to my bed and slept for 24 hours! . . . That’s why I missed the lesson Tuesday.

And about Thursday . . . hmm, I’m not actually sure what happened then. I just . . . just . . . just forgot about the lesson! . . . I realized how stupid this excuse sounds but, that’s the truth.

So . . . that’s my story!

And as a conclusion, I just want to mention that to miss English lessons in the twenty first century is deadly bad! And I’m extremely sorry for that!

FCE preparation

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Mrs Alea said...

Looks like I missed a good party.