Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I’ve spent 10 years of my life living and traveling around the world; away from Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka which were both more like a home to me. I visited the Maldives Islands and stayed for one week on one of their most beautiful islands; also I visited India once and saw the magnificent Taj Mahal. I’ve been to Italy and Germany. I’ve visited Egypt and the great pyramids. I’ve been to Dubai and Bahrain. I’ve been three times already to Saudi Arabia for umrah. Two months ago I traveled to Switzerland to visit a very good friend of mine in Geneva and stayed there for 2 weeks, where for the fist time I played with the snow and made a snowman. My friend took me to see other cities outside Geneva as well, such as Lausanne and Montrose.

I am very much addicted to computers and technology. I spend hours on the Internet looking at every new development in electronics that will be useful for me. I also spend hours playing with my PlayStation 2.

I enjoy having a new girlfriend all the time. I like to talk to girls because they make me feel human, and happy. I listen to their secrets and problems and try to get them to share mine as well. I never spend a day without having a girlfriend. Some people say that I am a playboy because I used to have more than three girlfriends at the same time.

I’m not much of a sport fan. I like to play football once in a while; also I enjoy swimming so much. And of course the most important hobby of mine is eating; no one can live with out food.

I also enjoy watching at least two movies every day, and I listen to all kinds of music, especially western music such as the American classics and Rock.

Finally, I can’t spend 1 year of my life without traveling to other countries.

Ahmed Mehdi
Ielts 2 preparation


Mrs Alea said...

It was nice to see you put so much effort into your work after complaining that 150 words were too many. Next time take some time to organize your paragraphs. You jump about. Gather all the information about one theme (idea) together in one paragraph.

I hope one of those many girlfriends doesn’t break your heart.

Mrs Khadija said...

What an interesting life!

asem said...

waw.its so exiting life.i found some one like me in life i can see that in the last words (i cant saty a year with out traveling.