Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Six Things I Dislike

Disloyalty & Treachery
It is not a problem to find a friend, but the problem to find a sincere one. So I believe in a wise saying “An open enemy is better than a false friend”.

Traffic Jams
I think they are a waste of time, money and cause problems between people.

Humid Climate
I don’t like humidity, because it makes me nervous and unable to concentrate especially during August and September in Libya.

Night Duties
I hate them, because of two reasons. The first one, if they are quiet, I cannot sleep on any other bed than my own at home. The second reason, if they are busy, I will be so tired and confused.

Loss of Social Control
People who misunderstand civilization and modernization, especially the new generation.

It is unpleasant to talk about other people and their private lives.

Dr. Ahmed Nagi Elwaseh
Ielts foundation



So I believe.The bad experience of being decieved or mistreated make you so desperate and afraid of being involved in a new serious friendship.

Anonymous said...

The Big stars start with first one .... and you just turn the first ... so be cool

F Miladi