Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Five Dislikes

Infidelity: Treason in general is bad behaviour, especially if it occurs between two persons who are joined together by a sacred bond like marriage. Breach of trust is another kind of treason.

Cowardliness: It is a shameful character in any person. A cowardly person has a complicated personality and he cannot communicate with other people and mostly does not trust anyone. His opinion about a brave people is that he thinks they are crazy men.

Lying and Liars: Those people resort to lying to cover defects in their personality or to get material benefit. They try to suppress the truth as they think that it is a way for salvation.

Bribe: It is an abdominal deed. Our prophet Mohamed said, “Both bribee and one who receives the bribe are in hell.” It is one of the important factors that lead to destroying any modern society.

Cruelty: I think some people have a hard life and to deal or talk to them rudely is not acceptable under any circumstances. Some people think that a nice word is a kind of charity and has a charming effect on some people.

Khalid Mohamed
Ielts foundation


Mrs Alea said...

I agree with your views regarding cowardliness. Always be man enough to say what you think and believe in.
Regarding bribes – I totally agree. Work for what you want. You can’t buy your way through life.
Manners maketh man and there is never any excuse for bad manners or cruelty. We are all God’s creatures at the end of the day!

Anonymous said...

Alhumdulillah! There are men like that left? I think i married the wrong Libyan man. Now, I feel even better for having gotten rid of him.