Saturday, March 26, 2005

Invention for Alea

My invention for you Mrs. Guhman is a new updated time machine which I have found the most suitable invention for you.

As we know our teacher ‘Alea’, she is the most active business woman and teacher we have ever seen around the world. She always needs to travel everywhere, every second of the day. So like this VIP person she is, she has no time to waste.

About the machine, it’s easy to work and all you need is to write the name of the place you want to travel, then press the ‘forward button’ on the right. If you want to go back press the ‘back button’ on the left without need of passport, visa, etc.

My lovely teacher this machine will prevent you wasting your time and efforts especially that done by your lovely husband, Mr. Abduz who is responsible for carrying you everywhere. She needs to travel to the High Academy at midday, to Yethreb School at 3:00 pm back home at 11:00 pm. As she said ‘Abduz’ is also responsible for all the house and kitchen work everyday.

Finally, I am sorry if I have entered your private life without permission my lovely teacher.

FCE preparation

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Mrs Alea said...

I forgive you and a time machine would be a great help to me. Perhaps I could even fit a trip to Manchester and another to Mahruga in one day. Believe me, Abduz is very happy being house husband and spending my money!