Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I hate the journeys that I do at the end of each week to and from Tripoli to my hometown. It is ghastly – especially getting up before dawn to catch that 6:30 bus, it is unbearable and awful waste of time.

I’m not a punctual man, but at least I usually come on time, and never lat more than half an hour. I get very nervous and upset when I stay waiting for someone who is supposed to have an important business meeting with me. I can’t help shouting when I hear him giving stupid excuses.

I really dislike the hot sandy storm weather during summer. It gets so hot and dry, I can’t sleep.

I loathe the hard work that everyone has to do during examinations. Just imagine staying indoors for several days, obliged to read long lists of books; some of them are horrible and boring.

What is called a frightening movie, when in fact it is some sort of drab film which makes me nauseated, drowsy and not in the least scared.

I can’t stand someone smoking beside me. This is worse when I am asleep. The smoke of the cigarettes irritates me very much to the extent of feeling that my brain is moving on a vicious circuit.

Khalid Afet
Ielts foundation

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Mrs Alea said...

- About travel - So why do you travel every week? Don’t you enjoy seeing your family? Make use of the time on the bus to read or brainstorm ideas for your homework.
- About punctuality - Patience is a virtue.
- About hard work during examinations – If it’s only for a few days it’s not so bad! When I was a student it was months. Anyway just think of the satisfaction at the end when you pass!
- About smoking – Bad for your health, but at least people who smoke should respect others – we don’t want to be passive smokers.