Monday, March 14, 2005

Inventions useful for Mrs. Alea

1. Being very good and professional sometimes carries the risk of becoming overloaded with duties, exhausted and deprived of any private life and entertainment. But if you are a teacher something can be done. My idea is to establish an audio-video system connecting Mrs Alea with several classrooms at the same time and she will be able to spread her knowledge simultaneously to an unlimited number of students. The only problem she might have is with her secretary. She must be very well trained to operate by programme.

2. To avoid any disturbances during lessons and students delays, I thought that a special lock could be invented for the door. The device will be electronic and a timer added. Once the time period is determined nobody will be able to open the door. Even Mrs. Alea herself. The lock will be activated 5 minutes after the time of the lesson and since everybody will know about it, nobody will be late or ask to see Mrs. Alea during her lessons.

3. The main door will be built to not permit any student to enter in the studying area without paying the fee using a card.

FCE preparation


Anonymous said...

This is what I really need! (the special door lock and door card)

Mrs Alea

Mrs Khadija said...

I like the idea of the special lock on the door. That would be very useful!

Anonymous said...

well, it seems that this feminine conspiracy is worth thinking. However, such measures might not be appealing to a great many last minute arrivals who have been brudely stuck in traffic jams and have no way out but seek the understanding and kindness of the queen of Tajoura.