Sunday, March 20, 2005

A day in the life of a very, very rich person

Last week there was a magazine issue in the USA, I don't remember it's name now. It was about ten people, all of them very rich, for example, the manager of Microsoft Company and Michael Jackson.

A very, very rich person lives like this. He gets up at half past seven in the morning. After that he goes to his office. He reads a notebook and lists the times of meetings. He starts the meeting with other companies and people at ten o'clock. He often has coffee and smokes a lot.

At two o'clock he goes to have lunch in the restaurant in his company. He has a break. He is back to work at half past three in the afternoon. He finishes work at five o'clock. In the evening, in his free time he plays golf and sometimes goes to horse races. He has a big farm and a few cars.

Ali M Nasfe
Beginner 1

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