Saturday, March 26, 2005

The grossest thing I have ever seen

I wish to start this essay with a thought of one Russian author – Anton Chelov, who said that he has seen many people dressed perfectly, beautiful and handsome, with nice gentle manners, clean and tidy. But if you look into their soul you would be horrified of their inner ugliness.

I agree with this and I don’t take into account the appearance of things. The time is passing and the things are changing.

The grossest thing I’ve ever seen is human cruelty. I think in our genetic program there is something wrong and we differ from other alive creatures, not with something very bad and grotesque. Only humans might be so cruel and kill for pleasure.

Recently I’ve seen a film about Jesus Christ. I never knew before that he was killed by such cruelty and brutality. I was shocked that the man who tried to evoke humans love has died in such suffering.

As a human and as a Christian, I feel shame that this has ever happened and I think that this is the grossest thing that I’ve ever seen.

Sue Dyakova
FCE preparation

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Anonymous said...

i like the way she taught about it i mean she ve gone so deep that she realized whats its all about i mean if there is an ideal answer about the grossest thing it will be hers realy so gown up and deep one