Thursday, March 17, 2005

My Invention for Teacher Alea

Being one of the most intelligent person in this school, I will still invent something for you to be more and more helpful to us, my dear teacher Alea.

If only I could, I will invent a tiny device to put it in the temple of you head. This device will help you read the mind of your students only. Then after the class you will know whether they understand the lessons you have given to them or not, in addition you will know in which class or group they belong. I think this invention will help you to find out and figure out how to categorize your students.

Another thing I will invent is a gel or cream to be applied to your hands or palms, then after applying it, just put it on top or cover any book you wanted to read, then after a while you will know and fully understand what is the contents of it. Isn't it very nice and helpful invention for you? How I wish I could do it.

FCE preparation

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