Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Best

The most famous Libyan hero 'Omar Almukhtar'

Omar Almukhtar used to be a very brave person and whatever we say about him, we are saying nothing. Everybody knows what he has done to the Italian forces a long time ago when they came to our country 'Libya' and wanted to control everything. He had a very strong personality and was never afraid of whatever they were trying to do against our grandfathers. He was ready all the time for them and bear them.
They used to stay over night in the Green Mountains and followed the Italian military wherever they went and used to make wonderful traps by digging so many holes and hiding in them till they reached the Italians and suddenly they found themselves in a real disaster. They were defending themselves and both their children and their country and did not allow the Italians to use anything from our country. Omar used to fight with simple weapons compared with those used by the Italians but fortunately they couldn't catch him till he destroyed most of their weapons which were much more modern than our grandfather's weapons. He used to come with a very smart idea about how and where to hide themselves until it became the suitable time for appearing and starting the battle.
Actually we are proud of this person and we won't forget his life will stay forever in our minds and hearts. Also I forgot to tell you that Omar Almukhtar was hung in 1931 in Slook City but till now his relatives are still living in Albida which is in the east of Libya. If you would like to know more about this famous personality you can watch him in a film which is available in shops these days.

The martyrs died so that
others might live.

Zaruk Mohamed Ali

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Mrs Alea said...

We need more brave men like Omar Mukhtar. He is my friend forever - especially on the ten dinars.