Thursday, March 17, 2005

Libya My Home

East or West - Home is best.

The British Airways magazine, 'High Life', published a 9 page feature on Libya emphasizing that this country is a haven of beauty where 'strangers quickly become acquaintances'. The beauty from the imperial splendor of Leptis Magna and Sabratha, the Roman cities on the Mediterranean coast, the ancient labyrinthine oasis of Ghadames and the sun-scorched wastes of the Sahara are unbelievable sights.

Think again, Libya is, in fact, the unspoilt haven of North Africa, It's total area is 1,759,540 square kilometres and it's population is about 5.5 million. Arabic is the official language of Libya, and some people also speak English or Italian. The country lies on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This is also where the country's capital, Tripoli is. It's neighbouring countries are Egypt and Sudan in the east, Chad and Niger in the south, and free from the maddening tourist crowds that throng to the beach resorts of neighbouring Tunisia in the west.

Please come and visit and experience the Libyan hospitality for yourselves.

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Mrs Alea said...

Glad to hear at last people are starting to appreciate our beautiful places. Wasn't Tripoli once the 'bride of the Mediterranean'?