Monday, March 21, 2005

An Invention

I want to invent for Mrs Alea a HOMEWORK-CHECKING machine.

I decided that in one of her lessons when the teacher (Mrs Alea) was complaining of all those mountains of homework, which she has to check for one or two days and furthermore she also has to cook for her husband, keep the house clean and what else! So, in my opinion, this machine is exactly what she needs.

The point is not to make it too complicated, because it will take her many hours to deal with it.
Anyway, I still can't see the necessity of this machine, because most of the students are not very strict in their homework and often forget to do it.

Nevertheless, this is my invention for my teacher - Mrs Alea, and I hope she'll like it.
FCE preparation

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tuhame said...

i like the idea of this machine and i like the comment mountaine of homework :), but i think the idea of homework is to be checked by someone who can understand it a feel it and can interact with u abut it this can be so far only done by humanbieng so i suggest to put it off until we find some thing that can replace human and feel understand lough and react in the same time