Sunday, March 20, 2005

An Invention

I want to invent a special suit which is very comfortable and you can use it anytime you want. It has a motor which hangs on your back with a special button. When you press the button, you can fly from Tajoura to Tripoli. Also you can fly to anyplace you wish. This special suit can be put in a bag with your textbooks and copybooks. There is a pocket for pens and for one cup of coffee. It needs only fuel, about 20 litres a day.

It is very useful engine, which keeps you satisfied and happy all the time and keeps your textbooks handy too!

FCE preparation


Mrs Alea said...

I need one of these suits to get from Tajoura to Ben Ashur and back again everyday.

ABDOZ said...

wow!!! what a creative mind that thought of this, it's just what i've been dreaming of all my life, please let me know once it's ready.

one question!!
can this suit take me to the platform, becouse i really hated flying on the helichappter?.