Thursday, May 05, 2005

A place where I feel happy

Some people have places where they feel happy. It's not a problem where it is, but what this place means to them. The place that I think really makes me happy is the sea. I enjoy going to the beach in summer and I always have a wonderful time there.

Usually, I like to go to the beach with my friends. Most of the time we camp for 2 to 3 days, enjoying swimming, playing and fishing. We've done this trip annually for the last 7 years.
Besides swimming, my friends and I prefer taking a boat to the deep sea, then we go diving. It is extremely marvelous to see how life is underwater. Strange fishes, different kinds of plants and rocks, natural arts can be seen below.

On the other hand, especially in the early morning when the sun rises, it looks like it's coming from the deep sea. The picture of sunshine is amazing, especially when the sun's rays meet with the surface of the sea. The blue sky, fresh air, free horizon, and a tremendous environment makes our minds completely relaxed, away from problems of work and the stresses of everyday life.

In conclusion, I think I find myself when I go to the sea, especially after heavy work.

Take my advice, try it yourself!!

Abdul Baset Basher
Ielts preparation

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Mrs Khadija said...

There is something soothing about looking at the sea and watching the sun set. Just reading about it makes me feel good. Thanks! I needed that!