Monday, May 30, 2005

Life experiences

Every one of us has their own experiences, whether good or bad, happy or sad, it could be memorable & unforgettable. They said:

Forget the past and gift yourself with the present.

I have many things that make me happy from the good old days.

The first exciting moment in my life was when I graduated and obtained my College Diploma. After long years of reading, memorizing and studying lessons, at last I reached the end, finished and completed all the requirements to be one of the professionals.

Well, my happiness did not end after that. After graduation, here comes the harder stage to focus on studying and reviewing again to be ready for another examination as compliance. We are required by our government to be a member of the Board of Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), so we can practice our professions respectively whatever it is. Without the PRC card, we can't find a good job and work legally in any hospitals or institutions.

The second extreme happiness was when I took and successfully passed the board examination. I was tremendously happy about passing it. I knew that I had achieved something, 'the goal of success'. I can't express my feelings about how happy I was and my family, upon reading my name in the newspaper published especially for those who pass the board.

Being professional, this is something that we should be proud of, and if there is still a chance for further studies we should not hesitate to do it regardless of our ages, because education is the best instrument for everything especially if you are applying for a good job, once it has been earned nothing can buy it back, it's a fulfillment, so Nina and I will not stop seeing you in Yethreb School, I hope so.

Connie dela Cruz
FCE preparation

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Mrs Alea said...

I hope so too! 'Reach for the stars!'