Thursday, May 26, 2005

Five things that I like

I like chatting with my children, because sometimes they ask me strange and funny questions.

I like singing birds and some plants in my house, because both are from nature.

I always like my wife to be a good mood, because if she's in a good mood, she'll cook very well.

I like the old cities in the old things from history, because it makes me imagine how the people were living at that time.

I like my car's papers to be kept updated, because I don't like to break the traffic laws.

Younis Mohamed
PET preparation

1 comment:

Mrs Khadija said...

Yes, kids do say the funniest things, and it's nice that you like your wife to be in a good mood, but sometimes the sounds of birds singing gets on my nerves, especially since we have about 20 of them in cages on our balcony.