Thursday, May 05, 2005

Nice to meet you

Dear Mrs Alea . . .

When I first heard about your course which was only two of three days ago, and was told that you teach it, I thought that I was going to go to this school, with an old fashioned English teacher and take those boring lessons and go home to study just to pass the exam. But in fact, I found the exact opposite, from the minute I stepped in, I was greeted by a welcoming smile from the lady, who I didn't know her name, but she's the one that gave me the test.

She introduced me to you and at first, as you were coming out of the classroom, you looked fierce and angry, it was as if you were fighting with one of the students inside. Also when I started the first class you came in shouting and started throwing the copybooks all over the place, one out the window, the other almost hitting a student on the head. They were flying like saucers. I started to wonder what I have done to myself. Today it's that boy’s face, tomorrow it'll be mine. But when the class started, things started to change, the angry and dreadful sad face changed to a beautiful, cheerful smiley face, full of happiness and joy and as the minutes went by, I found myself getting easily used to the mood and all the surroundings as if it was my thirteenth lesson, not my first. In fact I was astonished at myself, as I'm not the kind of person that can get along with people straight away. It takes me time to loosen up, but I found myself speaking up and taking part in the conversation and in many of the jokes as well. This is my first time attending an English class, all my English I learnt from my childhood and school, but honestly if I knew that English lessons were this much fun, I would have skipped medicine and majored in English, especially when they have a gorgeous, glamourous teacher like you.

As for the introduction to myself, maybe some other time, but what i would prefer is to chat it all out with you over a nice cup of tea and maybe some biscuits and I would tell you all about myself.

Abdllatif Fituri
Ielts foundation


Mrs Alea said...

Number one: Are you chatting me up?

Number two: I'll have a cup of tea with you. No biscuits as I'm on a diet. We can discuss your life (only problem is I have to bring along Abduz) I'll improve your oral skills, not your written ones.

Number three: Learning a language should be fun. Gone are the days of direct grammar translation and it's never too late you could still major in English or at least get C.P.E.

Number four: You need to buy a dictionary - your spelling is really bad - I corrected it for you here.

Number five: The smiling lady is Therya the schools' secretary. Be careful she can be wicked if you don't pay your school fees!

Number six: You need to organize your writing.

Number seven: You are writing an essay - Not an email message so you is written YOU not U (I corrected these here today)

Number eight: Thanks for the sweet words. I love them!!

Anonymous said...

I hope after the party you don't think all EFL teachers are crazy. Alea

Anonymous said...

Well Alea, it seems you have another fan! How do you do it? Maybe I should ask for some lessons. It's a good job hubby doesn't get jealous! Keep up the good job.