Friday, May 20, 2005

My likes & dislikes

I like my country, because it's where I was born, I'm very happy about my social position and my work, I also have many well educated friends and I'm respected by my generation and my family.

I like my religion, because the Islamic religion is a peaceful religion and the cleanest of the world religions. It's based on five daily prayers, we must wash five times a day, and only concentrate on God.

I like my work because it keeps me busy and supports my activities. I improve my position in life, and make progress for my family. To be a good member of the country, I also do my best to give what they give to me.

I like my family, because my life is my family. No love without a family, no life without a family, no assistance without a family. My family respects me very well, and I respect all my family members.

I like my education, because without education we lose everything. If we are not educated we would be like animals, no respect, no education.

I dislike pork, because pigs are the dirtiest animals in the world, and they do not have any jealousy. Also my religion doesn't allow Muslims to eat pork - it's forbidden.

I dislike liars, because lying is a big sin. People who lie can damage our lives easily, by not saying the truth. We must be careful in front of liars.

I dislike injustice because without injustice we can destroy our life and our country. The strong eat the weak. We can't stop the depravity.

I dislike cheating, because our prophet Mohammed said, "Who cheats is not from us".

I dislike ignorance, because ignorance is the bad way to treat things, and I prefer and educated enemy, rather than an ignorant friend.

Mohsen Meselati

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Mrs Khadija said...

I have many of the same likes and dislikes. You did a very good job on writing this. I am very proud of you Mohsen.