Tuesday, May 17, 2005

My favourite clothes

I adore the traditional Libyan clothes in general and I am especially fond of wearing the complete set of clothes for men which is called 'zaboun'. It consists of three pieces; the trousers, the waistcoat and another jacket like piece but without a collar and buttons. All three parts are the same colour which is usually black and made of fabric with a lot of hand embroidered decoration along the edges and sides. To complete the image you have to wear a long Arabic shirt; white in colour underneath, and a black or red hat (sometimes topped with a tassel) and white slippers.

It is an expensive costume and I was very happy when my father bought me one a couple of years ago after graduation. I love to wear it because it reminds me of that beautiful occasion and also because it is part of my culture and traditions. I feel very proud and boast of my country and my people when I wear it. I usually choose it for celebrations, especially religious occasions and wedding parties.

This type of clothes has another advantage - because it's made carefully, by experienced and talented hands, it lasts for a long time and you need only to change the shirt from time to time.

Khalid Afet
Ielts preparation


Mrs Khadija said...

Well written! My husband brought his grandfather's zaboun all the way to America when he went to study. He wore it each Eid. It was special because it was his traditional clothes and it reminded him of his grandfather too.

YO said...

I read your blog and it seem me marvelous.I am from Peru,it's in south american.You imagine how far away we are!.It's very good and very exciting.Excuse my poor English. My first language is Spanish.Take care.