Monday, May 30, 2005

Mohsen's weekend

Usually at the weekend I prefer to go to my mountain farm situated near Miselata. I have a house at the top of the mountain which is about four hundred metres higher than sea level. I always go on Thursday afternoon, sometimes alone, other times with my family, but I prefer to go by myself to be calmer.

I wake up early, at six o'clock. The first thing I do is exercise; walking and climbing the mountain. After that I eat my breakfast, green tea and zumita. I take a rest for about one hour and then I start working on the farm. I graft trees and plant trees at different times in the year. I give water to the newly planted trees. I also maintain my bee hives.

At 12 o'clock I take a rest for about one hour, then at one o'clock I start cooking lunch for myself. I like cooking. Sometimes I have friends visit in the afternoon.

Every weekend I relax and change my routine. That helps me to prepare for the busy week ahead.

Mohsen Meselatti


Mrs Khadija said...

Your farm in the mountains sounds wonderful! It is nice that you have a place to relax and get fresh air and exercise.

khalid afet said...

what a wonderful weekend ,it seems to be a typical echotouristic trip;short but adventurous .